New iPad Air2 with 24K Gold Colour

Quick! If you had to guess what an iPad Air 2 decked out in 24K gold looked like, what would you say?

If your answer was “ridiculously kitschy” — congratulations! You’re correct. (We’d also accept “kind of like grandpa’s wristwatch”)

Continuing the classic tradition of taking gadgets that are not covered in gold and for some reason covering them in gold, Vietnamese jeweler Karalux has begun to ship gold-plated iPad Air 2s. 25 million VND (or roughly $1,173 USD) gets you a 16GB model — a markup of about $674, if you were to buy the original device straight from the Apple store.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch a movie on my non-gold iPad Air 2 like the commoner I am. lol



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