Yejide weds Lakunle today! Newest Couple in town

Yejide and Lakunle are currently getting married as we speak at All Saints Church Jericho GRA, Ibadan.

The ceremony started at 11:00am and reception after at the University of Ibadan Conference Center, UI, Ibadan. Please remember to bring your dancing shoes as they advised “dancing is not an option”, but a MUST.

YejideKunle wedding2

This is their story but in a short form.. They both grew up in Ibadan and their dads know each other pretty well. They both have mutual friends but never “jammed” each other till Yejide’s birthday in 2011. They were friends for two years. At this time, Lakunle almost “pimped” her out to some random guy who bugged him constantly for her number until recently Lakunle realized that he wanted Yejide all to himself. He stopped giving out her and they became best Pals. Good & Interesting right? (This guy almost gave out his wifey to some players lol)

Congratulations our Newest Couple. My wish for you this day is that in the years to come, you will look into each other’s eyes and always remember the joy contained within this string of moments! ADELOVE Team…



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