Maheeda latest nude photos on Social media


Controversial Nigerian singer Maheeda (real name Caroline Sam), who is known for posting nude pictures on the internet, has posted another latest on the social media, twitter.

The Edo State born singer, who was once a prostitute and made an open confession that she has repented and found Christ, said the reason she posted sensuous pictures of herself on her twitter and instagram accounts lately was because she wanted to show the world how sexy she is.

check-out her latest pics shared on twitter few hours back! Enjoy



maheeda2              maheeda3     



    maheeda5            maheeda6      



maheed              maheeda nude2



maheeda nude3           maheeda nude4

maheeda nude5         maheeda nude6

maheeda nude7             maheeda nude8



  1. Just close your eyes and imagine that huge butt in another 20-30 years. And how hairy, saggy,droopy and lard speckled it’ll be. Not a pretty image.

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