American Rapper, 50 Cent’s Bank Account Frozen


According to TMZ recent news (few hours back)…

50 Cent’s bank account has been frozen because he failed to pay a multi-million dollar legal judgment, reports TMZ.  Sleek Audio sued him over a botched endorsement deal, accusing 50 cent of lifting their product design and trying to sell his own version.

In April, a judge ordered the G-Unit front-man to cover more than $11 million in damages and close to $4.5 million in legal fees. The judgment also allows Sleek to garnish his wages, if he doesn’t pay.

A lawyer says the ruling is on appeal, adding that Sleek is “desperately attempting” to locate any accounts that are accessible.

While his personal account is frozen, 50 cent  business accounts are still in the clear. The 39-year-old is worth a reported $140 million.



  1. Tables can turn quick no matter how good summ may be. So nigerian celebrity need to be very careful the way they are spending money.

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