Deadly epidemic ‘Superbugs’ Killing India’s Babies – A threat to the world


Superbug, a deadly epidemic posing threat to the world is quietly making people lifeless in India. Among its many victims are tens of thousands of newborns dying because once-miraculous cures no longer work. Newborns are particularly vulnerable because their immune systems are fragile, leaving little time for doctors to find a drug that works. But everyone is at risk. Uppalapu Shrinivas, one of India’s most famous musicians, died Sept. 19 at age 45 because of an infection that doctors could not cure.

Dr. Vinod Paul, Chief of Pediatrics at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and the Leader of the Study emphasized periodically “Reducing newborn deaths in India is one of the most important public health priorities in the world, and this will require treating an increasing number of neonates who have sepsis and pneumonia,”. “But if resistant infections keep growing, that progress could slow, stop or even reverse itself. And that would be a disaster for not only India but the entire world.” He added

Indeed, researchers have already found “superbugs” carrying a genetic code first identified in India — NDM1 (or New Delhi metallo-beta lactamase 1) — around the world, including in France, Japan, Oman and the United States.


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