President Obama taken to hospital for sore throat caused by ‘acid reflux’


President Barack Obama is pictured being driven via motorcade to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, on Saturday afternoon after complaining of a persistent sore throat. His persistent sore throat was caused by Acid Reflux, the White House has said.


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Obama, 53, after complaining of a sore throat for two weeks, reportedly underwent a fiber optic exam by an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist at the Washington Residence on Saturday morning. The results came back normal, it was said.

Now, Obama’s physician Dr Ronny Jackson, director of the White House Medical Unit, has revealed that the exams’ combined results show that the president is suffering from acid reflux.

‘The president’s symptoms are consistent with soft tissue inflammation related to acid reflux and will be treated accordingly,’ Mr Jackson said, without elaborating on subsequent treatment.


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Acid reflux is caused when the muscle fibers in the lower esophagus do not close properly, causing the contents of the stomach to flow back up the esophagus. This often leads to severe heartburn.
Mr Besser said the type of treatment the president will receive in coming days depends on the severity of his symptoms and how long he has been experiencing them.

For a ‘slow approach’, ‘you would have him raise the head of his bed, stop smoking, if he’s still smoking, cut down on alcohol and cut back on those foods that are causing problems,’ he said. He added that Obama would be prescribed medication only if the above steps did not work.


credits: REUTERS



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