Nse Ikpe Etim discloses “She’s a good Kisser” in her professional romantic movie-roles


Nse Ikpe Etim, a Nigerian Actress, The “Reloaded-movie” beautiful Actress in a recent chats with Newswatchtimes, agrees that her husband understands what the job demands. This was an answer provided after being asked “how her husband feels when she’s kissing in movies”?

Nse Ikpe Etim was nominated for “Best Actress in a leading Role” at the 5th and 8th Africa Movie Academy Awards for her role in “Reloaded” and “Mr & Mrs” respectively.

“Same way I imagine every spouse married to an actor would feel. But he understands that this is my job and if a script calls for kissing, then it is work. However, there are different ways to show affection, you must not lock lips to show your feelings for a loved one. Skilled actors can show this without resorting to kissing,” she said.

Nse expressed further her desires as an actress and as well enjoying her marital bliss (married to her best friend). “That’s because I married my best friend. There are many romantic gestures to pick from. Perhaps, one day, I’ll write a book and tell it all. But, until then, it’s my secret. Being with someone or people who love you completely and never judge you. That is true love. There is a bible passage that deals extensively with the subject of love. True love is all that and more,” she boasts.


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Nse was born in Akwa Ibom, got her first degree in Theater Arts from University of Calabar. She won the “Best Actress” in a Drama award at the 2014 Africa Magic viewers choice awards for playing “Nse” in Journey to self.



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