Mercy Aigbe opens new “Mag Diva” boutique, models her brands in Lagos


Mercy Aigbe models her brand in Lagos as she opens new “Mag Diva” boutique. Yes! I mean a new eponymous boutique.

After winning over a legion of fans as one of Mercy’s leading aim, Mercy Aigbe is now aiming to take the fashion world by storm.

In fact, some fashion designers are already looking forward to her photographs to sew new cloth styles for their clients.  As the delectable actress recently launched her ‘Mag Divas’ boutique, Several colleagues of hers were present at the classy occasion. See more photos detailed below:


mercy Aigbe boutique     Mercy Aigbe Boutique2       mercy aigbe boutique3 mercy aigbe boutique4      mercy aigbe boutique5       mercy aigbe boutique6 mercy aigbe boutique7        mercy aigbe boutique8




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