More Photos, APC Presidential Primaries taking place at Teslim Balogun Stadium Lagos


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While we are still waiting for the results, you might sit down sipping coffee as you browse through today’s pictures shared during the APC Presidential Primaries at Teslim Balogun Stadium. Now, the question is… who would be the winner to face President Goodluck Jonathan, the sole candidate of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party,in the 2015 general elections.


APC convention5 (2)         APC convention9 (2)


APC convention6 (2)     APC convention (2)


APC convention1 (2)        APC convention2 (2)



APC convention3 (2)     APC convention4 (2)



APC convention5 (2)    APC convention6 (2)


APC convention7 (2)        APC convention8 (2)



APC convention9 (2)     APC convention10 (2)


APC convention11 (2)    APC convention12 (2)


APC convention13 (2)        APC convention14 (2)



APC convention15 (2)     APC convention16 (2)


APC logo (2)       APC presidential election vote primaries (2)


APC presidential election vote primaries2




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