Rihanna, Riri might be a mom soon


Whoa!!!  A shocking new report claims that Rihanna, 26 is carrying her first child — and has already written a new song about the baby. This is a rumour going viral at this time.

Could Rihanna, 26, really be pregnant? According to a new report, she’s not only expecting her first child, but she’s already written a new song about her baby.

Can you believe it? RiRi might be a mom soon! Not only is Rihanna allegedly pregnant, but she has even laid down some new rules inside of the recording studio to ensure the safety of her baby, reports. The allegedly pregnant Rihanna is even recording a new ballad about the “baby growing inside” of her.  One thing is for sure, if she is pregnant she will be a wonderful, loving mother! See more proofs Rihanna would be a great mom!


rihanna and baby2      rihanna and baby3

rihanna and baby4          rihanna and baby5

rihanna and baby6            rihanna and baby7

rihanna and baby8        rihanna and baby9


So, if this is true and Rihanna is, in fact, pregnant — who could the father be? Could it be Drake? or Could Rihanna have been hooking up with someone in secret over the past few months? Keeping you updated ONLY from ADELOVE.COM



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