Uche Jombo keeps mute over pregnancy “hearsay”


The notable Nigerian Actress, Uche Jombo still keep mute over the rumours  lingering around the media suggesting that she might have had miscarriage since she’s due for delivery but not yet put to bed.

The sultry actress, who travelled to the United States of America (USA) some months back to live with her husband, Kenney Rodriguez, recently wrote a touching message to her fans that “happiness is necessary because it helps one to forget its challenges.” This message threw more confusions amongst the fans

According to her, “To be Happy, sometimes we just have to Forget what’s gone, Appreciate what still remains and Look forward to the good that’s coming Next. Happy Sunday UJ Lovers.”

Uche also shared a picture of herself with a friend and her husband but used a sweater to cover her belly which has made fans detection of the baby bump difficult


uche jumbo pregnant2



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