Liverpool Manager, Brendan Rodgers insists he remains the right man


Despite the club’s lagging form for this seasons, Brendan Rodgers insists he remains the right man to lead Liverpool forward

Coupled with the fact that Suarez departed for Barcelona and Sturridge injured, Liverpool has failed to recapture that form of goals Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge inspired last season.

Currently sitting ninth in the league table with a trip to fierce rival Manchester United to come Sunday, Liverpool exited the UEFA Champions League midweek courtesy of a 1-1 draw with Basel.

“I think the message from me is clear: I don’t think there would be anyone better to do the job here,” he said. “Seven months ago we nearly won the title unexpectedly, I had time to work with players and we took them beyond where the club has been in a long time. This has been a difficult start with new players, less coaching time, young players; we are virtually starting again.

“I don’t think there is anybody better equipped to deal with that having been here for the last two and a half years and experienced what this club is about and seeing what we get from the players whenever we are at our best.

“Criticism comes with the territory when you don’t win games. Football is very short term. The same people who are criticizing me now were maybe saying I couldn’t do anything wrong six or seven months ago. That is the way football works. You have to accept that as a manager and fight even harder to bring success. This period has ensured I will do that for sure.”



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