Mercy Aigbe fires back at fans about wearing fake designer labels – “I don’t need anybody to confirm the authenticity of what I wear”


Mercy Aigbe-Gentry, a fashion icon in Nollywood, Edo state mother of two, who doesn’t stop at nothing to flaunt what’s she got on social media seems not disturbed over haters of her fashion life.

She tells why; ” I have always been fashion conscious because I love to look good and get compliments from people because of the way I look. It has been a part of me since I was growing up and my school mates can testify to that. I have always loved fashion.”

“My desire to always look good attracted me to fashion because I believe that the way you are dressed to a large extent, determines the way you will be addressed by people. You have to sell yourself through the way you dress. My desire to always look good made me develop a strong passion for fashion.” She added

Mercy also voiced what she feels about fans that often abuse her on her instagram page that the clothes she wear are from fake designer labels.

“I don’t care about what people think because at the end of the day, it is all about me. If you feel what I wear is fake, it is up to you; it is none of my business. I don’t need anybody to confirm the authenticity of what I wear. Whatever picture I post on my instagram account reflects my personality and I post them because I want to and not for comments’ sake. Most times, I ask how they know that what I am wearing is fake, how can they tell? When I read such comments, I just laugh because I believe they are coming from people who just want to hate me for no reason. The truth is that you cannot tell if my clothes are fake because you do not live with me and you have not checked them out. Some of them go as far as saying I can’t afford certain things and I ask how they know that. Do they know how much I have in my bank account or how much I earn? I don’t let such comments get to me.”


mercy aigbe discloses


“It does not bother me at all. As far as I am okay with what I am wearing, then I care less about other people’s opinion because I am my biggest critic when it comes to fashion. Once I look into the mirror, and I am happy with what I see and convinced that I look good, people’s opinion do not matter.”

“I think it is because I am in love with myself that’s why I am addicted to taking pictures. I love looking good and I love taking pictures because I love to see what I look like. Also, pictures are memories and when I am going through the pictures on any of my gadgets, they tell a story and bring back good memories. I am sure I have over 4,000 pictures in my phone memory and most times, my phone crashes because I have so many pictures in it. It is part of who I am and it makes me happy. I believe that people should do whatever makes them happy because life is too short,” she said.



  1. Do your thing girl, dnt mind wat people say,, they say dis things because they dont ave a life. So , Tell dem to get a life.

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