Facebook seems not using “Bing Search” anylonger


Did Facebook quietly remove Bing as its primary search provider over the weekend? According to Reuters, Facebook is announcing plans to debut its own search tool on Monday.

The report says that Facebook’s new search tool will give users the ability to filter through old comments and other information from friends. Facebook has been building out its search products for a long time, using Bing as an extra layer to provide results beyond the Interest Graph in an effort to avoid letting rival Google into the system.

“We’re not currently showing web search results in Facebook Search because we’re focused on helping people find what’s been shared with them on Facebook. We continue to have a great partnership with Microsoft of lots of different areas.”   Facebook Spokesperson said


facebook search


This is another report received from Microsoft “Facebook recently changed its search experience to focus on helping people tap into information that’s been shared with them on Facebook versus a broader set of web results. We continue to partner with Facebook in many different areas.”

Facebook looks to be the biggest web search soon based on over 1 billion active users (daily) accommodating more than a trillion posts (daily). Remember Facebook, the social giant has been around for more than a decade, and thus entire lives have been lived and recorded on it.  More works for Google, Yahoo (Bing) to do! It’s getting pretty interesting. Keeping you updated. Stay tuned!



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