Meet the face of a Nigerian, Peter Angelina that found a lost briefcase in Spain containing about €13,000


Peter Angelina, 35, a good Nigerian-Samaritan has proved to the world being an honest personnel. Peter found and returned a forgotten briefcase having about €13,000 which fell off a car roof.

According to reports, this incident happened on a beautiful day, December 3rd when he noticed that a briefcase fell to the ground from a car that just moved away. He tried to stop the driver but no luck. He then took the briefcase containing the money  and called the Emergency Toll-free Number (calling Police) for better assistance in tracking the real owner. Reports say that this briefcase was containing two envelopes, one with 3,150 euros in cash, and one with six checks amounting to approximately 13,000 euros.

During Interview with Peter about the reactions from friends and family; Here’s what he had to say:

The local residents tell me I’m stupid, I should have ran away with it” “I did not dare even open as it could be drugs or explosives” he says. Thus, the agents searched the case where it appeared a considerable amount of money and documentation“.


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