Ugandan maid, Jolly Tumuhirwe who assaults a toddler has been sentenced to four years in jail


Jolly Tumuhirwe, 22, who was secretly filmed beating, kicking and stamping on the 18-month-old child has been sentenced to four years in jail. On Friday, she said the attack was revenge after she was beaten by the child’s mother. Though the mother of the child denied the allegation.

Jolly Tumuhiirwe was sentenced this morning December 14th in a Kampala high court after pleading guilty to the crime of assault last week.

She said the sentence was appropriate in light of the “ruthlessness exhibited” on an “innocent, helpless child”, reports the AFP news agency.

The video footage, which prompted the case, came from a camera the child’s father, Eric Kamanzi, had installed in his home after noticing his daughter was bruised and limping.

He reported the abuse to police last month and circulated the video online to family members. The footage was later shared more widely, provoking horror and upset internationally.

After the sentencing, Mr Kamanzi said: “It’s not for us to decide the punishment for what she committed. “We hope this has set an example for other maids out there, that you can’t just go to someone’s house and torture their baby and expect to walk out,”



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