Fans criticize Britney Spears of “Photoshop” on Women’s Health Mag


The 33-year-old, Britney Spears proudly shared the snap, tweeting: “Thank you so much @WomensHealthMag for featuring me in your new issue!  It’s actually on stands this week! ”

This has  aroused suspicion after showing off her ab-tastic bod on the cover of Women’s Health magazine. Whilst we were personally in awe of Britney’s flawless beauty, the cynics among us couldn’t help but shout: “PHOTOSHOP”, accusing the popstar of enlisting some digital assistance for a cheeky nip and tuck.


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Britney, who is known for her love of junk food, and her figure is prone to yo-yoing depending on her work commitments, but the popstar attributes her currently svelte shape on hard work and a raw food diet – NOT a computer geek with the latest image editing software.

So, while we personally think she looks fab regardless of whether she got a little helping hand from photoshop, we can kind of see the issue if the mag is promising abs that don’t technically exist.

The mum-of-two revealed: “I start with 20 minutes of intense cardio—usually running— move on to light free weights, body-weight exercises such as pushups, squats, and situps, then finish it off with a stretch.”

“I like my workouts to be effective in a short amount of time. Dancing is a great cardio workout. Tough and fun at the same time”. “And I’m really into raw food – sushi basically.” She added

Hmm, sorry haterz but it sounds to us that she put in a lot of hard graft herself to get that cover girl body.


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