Is Doyin Okupe right comparing GEJ as Lord Jesus Christ?


Recently, Dr. Doyin Okupe, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs compares President Goodluck Jonathan with Jesus Christ.

In his recent interview with Channels TV and Punch Reports, Okupe mentioned said the way Jonathan carries Nigeria’s burden is exactly same way Jesus Christ did for the world.

The Nigerians could not bear such comparison and Here are what they tweet or said:

“Japheth Omojuwa said that Okupe, trying to sell Jonathan is the journey of a blind man leading another.”


Doyin Okupe

Doyin Okupe1


Temitope Atiba, Social Commentator stated it’s so strange for Okupe to preoccupy himself with drawing semblances between the President and the central figure of Christianity.

You can see the stark irony of life when Doyin Okupe begins to compare Goodluck Jonathan to our Lord Jesus Christ. Then again Goodluck Jonathan and Jesus Christ have little else in common apart from flesh and blood,” Atiba added.

A Kano-based respondent, Nazir Galadanchi said Okupe ought to ask for forgiveness for his statement which is blasphemy.

Tayo Moore, an online activist said “Okupe has just confirmed that he doesn’t know or have Christ. It is only a matter of time before he (Okupe) begins to compare Prophet Mohammed and Jonathan in the same breath”

“That will be his final undoing. I am wondering what the Christian Association of Nigeria has to say on Okupe’s sacrilege, given its current ‘leadership’ or should I say lack thereof?” Moore added.





  1. There is time for everything. This is his own time and with little time, he will be out of there and then he will give account of his stewardship and utterances. Thank God Jesus taught us to forgive. May our Lord forgives his utterances.

  2. I cant believe this are only what the christian faithfuls would say to a man that compare this mad man Jonathan to a Prophet of GOD. Haaa very unfortunate. So you guys are lying when you claim to love and follow Jesus as your Lord and saviour. If Jonathan can be compare to Jesus, then i guess Jonah too is your Lord and saviour abi. I laugh when i see the way some people fight to defend this cluelessness and wanton destruction of our heritage with our own hands. Anyway, grave is our final abode and every one would account for his deeds.

  3. So disgrasful nd vry shamfull to compare Jesus wth Goodluck, this shows that u dn’t knw who is Jesus nd u are also illitrate abt Him! U should go back to the field of knowledge nd study well abt Jesus!!!

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