Students protests as King’s College London is dropping the “College” from its name


King’s College London is dropping the “college” from its name as part of an extensive rebrand which could cost them roughly £300,000. A spokesperson for the university would not confirm the price of the change, which comes after an 18-month “review of its brand and reputation”.

She said “prospective students” were “confused” by the current name – college.

“Research revealed that our current name was causing considerable confusion with many prospective students and parents unclear whether King’s was a higher or further education institution and unaware of the academic breadth and size of the university,” she added. “Staff, students and alumni were consulted through focus groups, interviews and surveys from 2012 to 2013 and their feedback was taken into consideration before the Council of the university approved implementation from early next year.”

But current students have called the move “bizarre” and claimed it may actually damage the university’s global reputation, cutting lucrative international tuition fees.

In a letter accompanying an e-petition to keep its current title, Emily Braddock wrote: “Not only does this undermine almost 200 years of tradition, as well as sabotaging a worldwide reputation built on the name King’s College London, but it serves as a huge and unnecessary expense.”

Alongside the upheaval for societies and sports teams, the university will have to reprint all signs, posters and merchandise at “obscene” cost, she said.

The President of the student union, Sebastiaan Debrouwere, had urged students to support the “big, exciting change”. “We made sure that student views were taken into account, and that focus groups were held with a wide range of students,” he said.



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