Buhari calls for Blessings from Pastor Adeboye


Just read from Sahara Reporters that soonest after announcements were made declaring Osinbajo as the running mate, General Buhari called Pastor Adeboye for blessings.

It was disclosed by Buhari’s aide that the famous Nigerian clergyman gave his blessing and wished the two APC members a successful election campaign.

This seems getting more interesting as Osinbajo is one of the top Pastors at Adeboye’s Church and a close confidant, meanwhile Adeboye seems to be amongst friends to President Goodluck. Anyways, it’s understandable that when it comes to politics, there’s never a permanent friend neither a permanent enemy. Who should Pastor Adeboye go with at this time? Over to you Folks!



  1. Mind you, Pastor Adeboye only wished them a successful campaign.. But, I so believe that Gen. Buhari will give leadership a good meaning compare to what my brother GEJ is giving Nigerians nw..am really disappointed at GEJ..

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