Buhari picks Osinbajo as APC running mate


The All Progressives Congress (APC), Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, has reportedly chosen Professor Yemi Osinbajo as his running mate in the 2015 presidential election.


Buhari picks osinbajo


Taking to its twitter handle, the party said it would hold a press conference to announce Buhari’s running mate as the party has not made any official statement yet. The Presidential election is scheduled to hold on February 14, 2015.

Osinbajo was a former Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in Lagos State, also a pastor of the Redeemed Church, with hopes that his Christian congregants will vote for him in the 2015 presidential election.





  1. osibajo is of little political value, never ran for office or won an election either; would make an excellent college prof/vc, buhari better options.Gej will beat him hands down!

  2. mimiko go and sit down.how many people have you help and you are talking jagonce.who do you think will vote for jonathan.he has dissappointed us.tell the president to forget about this election,no youth will vote for him in ondo state.

  3. We now have a good Muslim and a Senior pastor in Redeem coming together against Our so called corrupt leaders. Interesting, lets see how it goes. Corruption VS Integrity. GEJ VS Buhari. Lwkmd. No wonder GEJ did not go to Baba Adeboye for Prayers.

  4. Intresting news, dat is change we ar bn waitn for say no 2 corrupt govt like d one we ar xpressing in Nigeria 2day. Chang joooo change jaaaareeeeee. GMB & PYO

  5. ” Knowledge is power” how ignorantly have we left the big issue and tackling personality?. My fellow youth, nigeria today from my assesment is just fifteen(15)yrs old and we are expecting her to perform more than her age, please don’t get me wrong, my point is we need a change no doubt but this present opposition posing to be the alternative is deceptive and cannot bring asuch. Just imagine the drama to pick a running mate, then how come acceptance speech of Buhari read immediately the pronouncement of him as the winner then such mindblowing but deceptive love letter. I am too big to push around yes!, because if such long and socalled speech that potrays his vision and mission even that his party of change then how come that of his running mate becomes difficult. If not for selfish interest of the party he belong to, him as person shouldn’t even emerge as the flag bearer because for the party he is popular with all the cock and bulls story of his uncorrupted being just to clinch to Aso Rock and not to give Nigerians succour to their yearnings, a weak, clueless, tactiless and informal great grand father as a leader to 21st century youths, looks on his face is nothing but replicate OBJ as military and civilian,anarchy,loot, ofcourse he failed once so this time no missing chances,and power mongers to pocket this great nation as they have done in 10th century ofwhich he was among that led us 20 times backward among our counterpart so what excuse does he has now that makes him the best ever and let me ask all, if for 74yrs nigeria has not produced a leader apart from the old then we a disappointment and the likes of Awolowo,Azikiwe,Tafawa etc to ressurate and lead us again I hope we know where we should categorise ourself if that happens I mean is annoying even the youth that where called leaders of tomorrow will go as far as killing their fellow youth,campaing for this insensitivety is absurd, pathetic that we cannt have a young viable, tested and trusted men in our society where are the likes of Donald Duke, Oshimole, Kwankwaso, Rochas, Fashola? Please this is 1914 amalgamation agreement of Lugarad same with OBJ and Atiku in 2011 and now with Tinubu and Buhari “I can make the president if you join force with me” if not what happend to their proposed 2011 amalgamation fall out, so can you see between the lines now that they can’t give us the change we need they are all distractors, instigators, barbarians with hatred on their minds. Did remember Buhari speech in 2011 ” I will make the country ungovernable”, “blood will flow” please does this replicate a true nationalist? And why can’t he choose from the east if not for trabalistic upholders sycophants. They should go to hell and burn to blazes because GEJ for 2015, look at Buhari and his half bake politician running mate making their speech, a show case of 1980 buhari idiagbon as the archiever and weakervessell figure head. Please go to work my fellow youth think, innovate, produce to come over this nightmare Tinubu and co wish to give this great nation of 165m population for me they can’t do it to me like they did to Ribadu and almost did it to Tambuwal he escape but let me ask how can a man that is so poor save the rich and poor alike who cannot buy ticket please can socalled illitreate become a proffessor or a blind man drive those that see?, can you give wat you don’t have enough for unstable politiking when the best come we will know. Thanks to you all for reading Nigeria is blessed.

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