(Photos) Meet Amber, 300kg, U.S woman who is unable to stand or walk for minutes


This 24-year-old woman from Oregon weighs a shocking 660 lbs – and has admitted that she is ‘killing herself’ with her eating habits.

Amber, who is featured in the new series of TLC’s show My 600 lb Life, reveals on the show just how much her weight has limited her ability to have a proper life.

‘Sometimes I think to myself I’m never gonna change,’ she heartbreakingly admits – before going on to explain that she is in constant pain and unable to even wash properly, instead having to sit on the toilet to clean herself.

‘Everything hurts…my back hurts, my shins hurt,’ Amber adds. ‘I am so limited in what I can do and where I can go. I feel trapped.

‘I feel like a nasty, yucky monster…I feel like I have failed myself and my parents.’

Amber, who lives with her mother and her boyfriend in the Oregon town of Troutdale, is also seen getting tearful onscreen as she fails to even make it down stairs – having to rely on her mum to help her.

She goes on to admit that she ‘sees a lot of pity in my mum’s face when she looks at me…mostly I think she’s just sad for me.’ Her story is just one of a number featured in the latest series of the show, which returns to TLC in the US in January.


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Amber, Oregon USA Woman

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