British Citizen can now bring family into UK without Visa – Court of Justice


ADELOVE advises that you read this latest carefully! This does not mean every British Citizen of Nigerian descent can quickly fly back home to pack his/her entire village including Extended families and bring them all into UK without even the need for visas. LOL

The Latest news say the UK is losing control over its borders to non EU citizens too. Meaning, a British can easily bring his wife and children of whatever nationality easy into the country without any strict restrictions

Before the ruling, UK ministers had required European nationals’ overseas family members to get a travel permit before travelling to Britain.

But the European Court of Justice found a British citizen living and working in Spain did not have to get a travel permit for his Colombian wife to visit the UK.

The European Court of Justice ruled in a case of Sean McCarthy, who has dual British and Irish citizenship, and married to a Colombian woman-Patricia McCarthy Rodriguez.

Mrs McCarthy Rodriguez, who has two children with her husband – both with British citizenship, had to get a “family permit” every six months to visit the UK with her family.

Frustrated by the requirement to apply for visa/permit all the time, together with her husband they took their case to court under the freedom of movement rules claiming she should be able to travel without the visa because she had an EU Residence Card issued by the Spanish government.

The European Court then ruled in the couple’s favour, stating that, the rules did not allow the British government to stop family members entering the country if they did not have a visa.

What this means is that, if I am a British citizen married to a Nigerian settled in France (she does not have to be a French citizen, just has to have a resident permit), my wife should be able to travel with me into UK without the need for a visa…

The UK Government is really “disappointed” with the ruling and responding to the ruling, Conservative MEP Timothy Kirkhope who is the spokesman on justice and home affairssaid: “Of course the UK should have an immigration system which is fair, and does not disadvantage the right of British citizens to be with their family.

“However, we are disappointed with this judgment as we believe that the UK’s visa system is both fair and lawful, and does an important job in meeting this country’s migration needs.

“Britain will always be best placed to decide and deal with its own immigration needs – not a judge in Luxembourg.”




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