Comedian Elder O Shares his story – How my Wife died after Childbirth


It was hard enough for Comedian Elder O to lose his wife shortly after childbirth. If only he could turn the hands of the clock or had the opportunity to question the creator why such experience to him.

David Ogechukwu, aka Comedian Elder O, with tears filled eyes, the Abia State born rib-cracker tells how his better-half, Charity, died, Dec 6th 2014 less than 24 hours after put to bed delivering a bouncing baby boy via Cesarean surgeries.

Here’s is his Story shared:

“I don’t want to question God, but I’m yet to understand why he allowed my wife to die during childbirth. My wife delivered safely on Friday through a cesarean operation and died in the afternoon of the following day, around 3.p.m. The management of Havana hospital told us they needed to operate on her to remove a fibroid growth before embarking on the delivery. Both operations were successfully done and she was responding to treatment before finally giving up the following day.

We did our best to save the life of my darling wife, but she still died. When the hospital requested for blood, we brought excess, even me and few family members also donated our blood on the spot. In fact, I was making arrangements for more blood, coupled with the one already donated when she died. I still cannot believe my wife is dead. All the plans I have for her and our forthcoming first wedding anniversary are all gone, just like that.

But why me? I know how many widows and orphans I’m training and supporting. I also know how many indigent pregnant women I’ve paid their delivery fees at different hospitals. So, why is my own different?”Elder O asked while sobbing.

comedian Elder o

Late Charity Odoemelam’s corpse has since been transferred to a mortuary in her state of birth (Abia). Burial date would be announced soon by the Family.




  1. Any doctor worth his training knows that you shouldn’t operate on a fibroid during delivery. This is because during pregnancy,the uterus becomes highly vascularized alongside the fibroid. If it is operated upon,the chances of massive haemorrhage is high and more often than not,results in death.It is so sad cos it’s an avoidable death. May her soul rest in peace.

  2. This is so wrong. It is only in Africa that Dr’s do surgery to remove fibroid as same time as c- section. It might sound easy, after all d stomach is already cut open for c- section. Why don’t u go ahead and take care of d fibroid at once. But they forget safety. If d fibroid was there and baby grew and survived with it, It definitely can wait till after c section has healed then they can go back and take it out. The main thing ur trying to avoid is excessive bleeding. But God knows best. Sorry for ur loss.

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