Fire burnt family of seven members to death in Benue State


According to Vanguard Reports: This tragedy happened early yesterday, Friday, where a family of seven members were burn to death due to the fire outbreak in Ayankor, Gboko East, Benue State.

An eyewitness shares that the incident started at early midnight, when everyone was fast asleep and engulfed the block of three flats, killing family members including the man, wife and the five children. Mr. And Mrs. Lawani Oye and their five children.

“It was his wife and mother of the dead children who we popularly call Mama Tunde, who raised the alarm that prompted other neighbours to rush out of their flats and after failing to fight the strange fire however managed to escape.”

“Our pain about this tragic and unfortunate incident is that the same woman who died with her family in the fire was the one who raised the alarm that saved others. They were burnt beyond recognition.”

Another witness (name withheld) also reports that the only clue he has before the incident occurred was that their generator was on that night and when later checked after the incident, he found lantern placed very close to it.




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