Obasanjo’s Autobiography book has been pirated – floods the streets of Lagos


The pirated copies of “My Watch”, Autobiography book written by the former President, Olusegun Obasanjo have flooded the streets of Lagos State, selling for as low as N7,000.

“My Watch” which centres on “Obasanjo’s life in the military, as a President and after Office” became a legal issue with the PDP party, and they took the matter to court in an attempt to prevent Obasanjo from launching the book. However, Obasanjo went ahead to publish the book on December 9th but the Judge ordered to stop selling and got everything confiscated

It was learnt that Obasanjo’s original book which has three volumes, costs about N15, 000 while the pirated copy, which has two volumes, costs less than half the price and comes in a white cover as opposed to the original’s yellow and brown colour.

This is what one of the Sellers had to say when the disguised buyers requested for a copy and how much a copy could be.

He said, “I usually sell it between N11,000 and N7,000 depending on the negotiating power of the customer.” “My friend, you know this book is illegal now and we are even taking a huge risk selling it. The controversy in the pages of the book and the controversy that it has continued to generate in society have made it a bestseller.

When asked where he usually got the books from, he said, “You want to spoil my market? Of course I can’t tell you.”





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