Google builds a self-drive car – this car requires no personal drivers, it drives itself


How would you imagine or feel when you hop in your car and the Car-voice messenger welcomes you “Goodmorning Boss! – where should I take you today?” Awesome, I guess LOL! I believe this might not sound nice to guys hunting for job as Personal Drivers. Nevertheless, innovations in Technology keep evolving. Self-driving Cars drive itself without you touching the steering.

Google has been working on self-driving cars for a few years now — until recently, they were mostly modifying the heck out of existing cars, not building a vehicle from the ground up.

Back in May, they released a mockup of what they expected their first built-in-house vehicle to look like. Today, they’ve released a photo of the real deal.

self drive car

As you might notice, the final product ended up looking pretty darn similar to the early shots. See photos detailed below:

Google says its custom cars might start popping up starting 2015 in U.S soon.

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