PDP fires back at APC – Tinubu imitates Fayose on stomach infrastructure

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Dr. Tope Aluko, PDP Secretary Ekiti accused the All Progressives Congress (APC), of imitating Governor Ayo Fayose’s “stomach infrastructure’’ initiative.

Dr. Tope mentioned that APC initially complained and sees Fayose’s stomach infrastructure as an insult to Ekiti people. Now, looks like Fayose’s stomach infrastructure initiative has been fully adopted by the APC national Leader and former governor of Lagos state, Senator Bola Tinubu. Here’s what he had to say:

“Tinubu distributed 2,000 bags of rice, vegetable oil, sugar and little cash to people from various parts of Lagos State on Sunday. “They abused us for providing immediate succour for our people. They described stomach infrastructure as an insult to Ekiti people.” “They said it does not add value to the people; that it diminishes their self-esteem, self-worth and that it denigrates what politics ought to be about. “However, their party leader in Lagos on Sunday adopted the same concept of stomach infrastructure by personally sharing food items to people. “After condemning the concept, isn’t it rather too late that the APC people are just realising that poverty should be addressed by providing immediate succour? “Poverty is poverty; it knows no religion and it has no tribal mark; and it affects everyone” He said

tinubu rice

“Fayose will continue to run peoples government. He will continue to identify with the masses by putting food on their tables. “Most importantly, Fayose will provide gainful employment for the youths and assist traders with soft loans so that they can feed themselves,” He added

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  1. This guy is a fool! Is Tinubu asking for votes like Fayose? During celebrations like this, is it an insult to share to the less privileged ones? Is there any election going on in Lagos now? Please don’t insult our collective sense of reasoning. Next year will tell. I am not a politician, but i am a Nigerian, stop insulting us please.

  2. Aluko is as warped in critical reasoning as Fayose himself.
    Stomach infrastructure is meaningless when you are keeping ten months payable to the people.Food is the least in hierarchy of quadrant life.
    Is it not a gratuitous insult to presuppose that ekiti people have no other concerns except food?

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