Another Four Soldiers sentenced to death for Mutiny

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Say what? After the recent death verdict to the 54 soldiers who refused to join the anti-boko haram operation, the Nigerian military court-martial sitting in Abuja has sentenced another group of four soldiers, accused of mutiny, to death by firing squad.

The court delivered its judgment Wednesday night in another case involving five soldiers – Bankole Taiwo (lance corporal), Ayodele Olawale (lance corporal), Isaiah Olofu (lance corporal) and Adebayo Gbenga (private) were convicted and sentenced to death while Sule Ochehepo (lance corporal) was discharged and acquitted.

Femi Falana (SAN), Lawyer and Human Rights activist, for the sake of Justice considers the trial as unfair treats and implored the military officials to change the judgement from death sentence to imprisonment. It was reported from a reliable source that one of the soldiers stated his reasons for disobedience was that the authorities could not provide the needed equipment to fight Boko Haram.. “We ask for weapon instead they gave us death sentence.” he said

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  1. Before they joined Nigeria Army don’t they understand the dedication and commitments required? A soldier is a resolute man on the battle field and that he must remain. He must also be a disciplined man to take and act according to instructions. Its indeed a pity that some are to die for one offence or another, it is to send messages back to the other soldiers about the inevitability of death in the discipline. If soldiers are running away from the insurgent, is it the police or fire brigade or the ordinary untrained and unarmed citizen that will go and face them? God will help this nation and give us good leaders to follow.

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