Confession of 13 year female suicide bomber, Zaharau

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Mr. Adenrele Shinaba, KANO State Police Commissioner, has confirmed the arrest of a 13-year-old female suicide bomber, Zaharau Babangida from Bauchi State, who was among three female suicide bombers that caused the death of about 10 people at the popular ancient market, Kwanti Kwari.

Zaharau Babangida told a bewildered city dwellers that ‘it began one day when my father took my mum and I to a forest in Bauchi where we met people claiming to be working for God”.

In her confession, Zaharau said “in the Bauchi forest I met some other girls who I guessed were my age mate and their leader told us to give our lives to God and enjoy the bounties of heaven’.

I was not moved by the soul searching preaching of bounties in the heaven and it was at this point, their leader resorted to threaten me to obtain my consent. We were shown a deep hole where the leader of the group threatened to bury us alive at a point if any of us refused to play along, and at another time he picked a big gun and threatened to shoot anyone who fails to obey his command.”

‘‘But I was told that I would have to die before entering into paradise. The man further stated that I will have to carry bomb and die, but I said I cannot do it, he then declared that it is either I accept to do the work or they will bury me alive.

‘‘Afraid to be buried alive, because I saw many that were being buried alive, I resolved to abide by the order out of duress. “When we got to Kano, they took us straight to Kwanti Kwari Market. When it was time for the execution, we were told to divide ourselves and take position. The other two female suicide bombers detonated their concealed bombs in their bodies, as we were all wearing hijab, while on my part, I vehemently refused to ignite mine, as a result of my closeness to the two female bombers, I was injured on my left leg by the explosion.

“Due to the injury I sustained, I shouted for help, the commercial tricycle operator, who sympathised with me, took me to Dawanau, where we resided with my parents before. However, before I dropped from the tricycle, I successfully removed the concealed bomb in my body and left it on the seat of the tricycle.

“When the tricycle operator saw the exhibit on the seat, he immediately dashed into the house where I was taking treatment and asked me whether I am the owner of the exhibit and I replied him, yes, it is mine. At that time, I was about to be taken to the hospital, so before the tricycle operator alerted the security agents, I was already in the hospital, where I was being treated for the injury I sustained from the explosion. That was how I was arrested by security agents at the hospital.

According to her, “my parents commissioned me into Boko Haram activities, because I did not know where they were taking me to. They handed me over to one of my trainers.’’

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  1. Just watched this innocent girl on Al Jazeera. How can man be so WICKED? Is that why they dont want to Educate women,so they can continually dominate them with FEAR. How can this Father be so wicked???

    • Yes of course. This one is very easy to be rehabilitated because she was not completely brain-washed. She wanted to do it as a result of threat of being buried alive or shot death. She delayed detonation & even removed d bomb when she had d opportunity.

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