Facebook to launch faceTUBE soon – plans to beat YouTUBE

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Facebook wants to make its home for businesses less like a newspaper that come to you and more like TV channels you turn on. I guess it sounds more challenging to YouTUBE.  That’s why  YouTube is getting flattered by the social network with a new design for the Video section of Facebook Pages.

Looks like Twitter’s not the only one Facebook is battling for control of news and content distribution. With the planned feature by Facebook, Pages getting quieted down in the feed, All businesses will soon be able to choose a featured video to be displayed extra-large with a live comment feed atop their Page, and cobble together playlists of more of their videos. This makes the Videos tabs of Pages look and feel a lot like YouTube Channels.

Pages will get the new design automatically. If they don’t select a featured video or make playlists, their videos will just show up in a chronological list, but with titles, length, Like counts, and view counts visible. Finally, Facebook is making the Videos tab more than just a mass of clips squashed into a photo album the way it does now, which looks pretty terrible.

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