Zuma, South Africa President denies the rumour of having a fifth wife.

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Jacob Zuma, South African President on Wednesday denied media reports carrying rumour that he’s ready to take a fifth wife to accompany him through old age. In a statement titled “holiday legends”, the presidency said a journalist from “The Star”, a leading newspaper had “misunderstood” a Zulu idiom language during the 72-year-old, Zuma’s speech.

Zuma said in Zulu language “Angakayakhi indlu yokugugela… laba ngisabathathile nje” (meaning – I do have wives but I’m yet to marry my last one) during a visit to his hometown province, Durban township.

The crowd immediately took the other meaning of the idiom and shared “The president joked that he did not have “indlu yokugugela” (the home in which I will age in), which the journalist reported as a hint about taking another wife,” said the presidency.”

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