Mercedez Benz ties up with LG to design cars that detect collision

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Mercedez Benz and LG are partnering to make the future of driving smarter and less about the drivers themselves.

The Korean company announced that the duo are jointly working on “next-generation camera systems” which they said will allow computers and algorithms to handle “some aspects” of the driving experience. LG told The Verge that it will provide the “core components” of self-driving cars from Mercedes-Benz in the future.

That joint system will be based on LG’s existing ‘ADAS’ (Advanced Drive Assistance System) products — which include cameras that produce alerts when a vehicle changes lane, read road signs, check the driver’s health status and issue proximity-based warnings for obstacles — by licensing Mercedes-Benz’s fascinating 6D Vision technology to advance LG’s tech.

We could be looking at a range of things, from cars that automatically slow based on what is ahead of them — per the video below — right up to fully self-driving vehicles.

LG also confirmed that it will begin to use its own home entertainment and mobile technology within automobile, so that might seen increased integration with its mobile devices and new options for in-car entertainment.



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  1. I am not dat surprise,technology will change 2 painless type infact vehicles that will not cause accident,d world is in a transitional period,old things will vanish & new will emerge,it has been prophesised (oneness).

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