Muslim youth volunteers protect Christians during Church Service in Kaduna

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According to Pastor Yohanna Buru during interview with Vanguard, more than 200 Muslim youth volunteers decided to protect Christians during church services while they were celebrating Christmas in Kaduna.

This is what Pastor Buru had to share: “I really appreciate their love and care,’’ said the cleric. The pastor said the essence of that was to protect the Christian worshipers as part of effort to strengthen peaceful co-existence between Muslims and Christians in the state. He also expressed happiness over the protection given to them by the Muslim brothers. He noted the initiative was an indication that peace has come to stay in the state, saying the measure will strengthen a lasting peace between the two religions.

He also prayed God to continue to bring about peace in the country, praying that other citizens would emulate the gesture.

He urged Nigerians to learn to live in peace with one another irrespective of ethnic or religious differences.
The cleric said that peace was a major panacea to the positive development of any nation.


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  1. Anigbogu or whatever u call ur devilish self ppl like u nd human wt brain like urs are a cancer to Nigeria. U never think positively instead u always reason negatively nd so shall ur entire life remain.

  2. Haba; Mr/Mallam Ahmed Baba even if Ani is being pessimist why don’t u just humbly encourage optimism, or let us know ur mind about this gallant volunteer youths rather than raining curse on a fellow like this. Dairis God o.

  3. That is the most positive news that comes from Nigeria this year! Spread the love and lets try and live together in peace.May Allah bless and be with you guys(the muslim youths) for being your brothers’ keepers and being civil not fanatical.

  4. @Anigbogu Nnamdi Mbanefo. U d typ o ppl dat 9ja regret havng them as it pickng! Cnt u evr thnk 4zitvely even once? How dare u those Muslims tried their best nd giv in theirslf nd protcet their fellow Christian brothrs nd yet u sed its a gem? Are u a true 9ja guy? Ok agreed is a game but can u do dsem? Idiot!!!

  5. The same thing happened in Egypt during the protest against Mubarrak. Christians formed barricade to protect the Muslims in the arena during each of their prayer times. If we can start copying good thing then it means we are now thinking of going beyond the decay we have found ourselves.

  6. Newness pardon Ahmed he must have been provoked with Anigbogu’s comments. May God (Allah) see us through this problems. The best is if we can’t say good about good action, it’s much better we keep quiet.

  7. Please,Anibogu we the so called masses are the ones that suffer at times of crises,we have come to a point where change should not be based on religion but love for one another,what the Muslims did is a welcome development I love everyone in this country despite so called differences let’s forget all these differences and change our Nation..

  8. @ Victoria Chollom, I am not surprise at people like you. Peace is all we need. Are you God that you will question the intention of others. Be careful and learn how to speak. Do not create diversity in possible peaceful co-existence. Does it mean their kind gesture is harmful?

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