Joke of the Day_ Imam turned to a Pastor Quickly

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A man entered a mosque carrying a brand new smooth machette and asked “Who is a muslim here?”

The whole mosque went as silent as a grave yard. The man asked again, “How can a full mosque have no muslim?”. No one replied.

The man then grabs the nearby young man and goes out with him and tells him, “son come help me slaughter my goat for I don’t know how to do it”.

After the young man had slaughtered the goat, he tells the man that he doesn’t know how to skin it and that the man would have to go back to the mosque and get someone else to help him on that.The man returns to the mosque with a machete dripping with blood.

When the Imam saw this, he immediately shouts “Praise the Looooooooord! The whole mosque responds,”halleluyaaaah!!!”


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  1. Its not fear of comment, my friend… you couldn’t be more wrong…don’t you get it? Muslims cannot dignify your ridiculous joke with any response…no Muslim would joke with another person’s religion, because that’s provocation and Islam forbids it in every guise, so pls shut up if you have no better contribution in the site.

  2. tankz. Adelove 4 dis joke, I. funny,….does who said. dat the joke is not sweet. why not create ur own web site and crake ur jokes,…….commentators can never grow 2 any size…..

  3. I no pipul will Aplaud & critisize diz joke, Bt Nevertheless is A Joke, Bt Rememba A muslim fanatic wont take diz Az A mare joke Bt, As A insult 2 dia Religion, only D onez dat nos wat God can Do will B d onez 2 understand Bt, 4 those who are ignorant of D world & Belv war & killing iz d only Language dey no wont take it Lightly. D Devil az A way of manipulating thnz 2 caurse Havock so, dos who av already sold dia soul 2 d devil will alwaz work 4 de Devil.

  4. come on guys give us a break.. it’s just a joke,.what’s all these hullabaloo for? i see no harm in it except your idiotic comments… I now understand why some people prefer to be atheist.

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