There’s no room for Women as First Lady if elected as President – Buhari

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General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) retired General Muhammadu Buhari says he will not have an office for first lady if elected in next year’s election. Nevertheless, he has the greatest respects for women.

In an exclusive interview with Weekly Trust in Kaduna, Buhari said his decision was premised on the fact there is no office of first lady in the Nigerian constitution, just as there is no official role for presidents’ wives.

Rather, he said ministries which are constitutional should be allowed to play their roles. He mentioned that “There is Ministry of Women Affairs, and so on and not first lady”, he said.

The APC flag bearer said women would however play very important roles in his administration.

“I was raised by my mother, as I lost my father when I was under six years, so I know what a woman can do if given the chance,” he said, adding that he sees them as his cornerstone.


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  1. The constitution have no such office as office of the first lady. We have always wanted someone who will work strictly with the constitution, haven found him, we are now asking questions…………………..people can never be satisfied.

  2. Innocent Eleto @ does what u jst say make any sense? If ppl lk u can make such a post, it means there’s problem. It’s a pity. U r talking of killing just 4 political/sentimental differences.

  3. Is dat part of d change ♈ōϋ pple desire?I pity Nigerians,if cares isn’t taken if it happen which will nt happen if he becum d president,women involvement will be zeroed in politics,,is dat all d change ♈ōϋ ignorantly crave for?#God av mercy#

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