President Goodluck sets to sponspor first Class Graduates for further study abroad

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President Goodluck Jonathan has instructed the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) to select the best graduates, 100 first Class for further studies up to Doctorate level in Universities abroad.

Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau, Minister of Education shared this on Sunday in Kano during a media Interaction and an awards ceremony. Shekarau said the100 first class materials would be sponsored under the Special Presidential Scholarship Programme. “President Jonathan instructed that best students should be screened all over the country irrespective of their locations for scholarships outside the country,” he said.

Shekarau further expressed the government’s effort to provide qualitative education to some University Lecturers to study both within and outside Nigeria under the Tertiary Educational Trust Fund (TETFund).

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  1. why only 100? why only first class? what about second class? personal opinion it is not some thing to be happy about because if state government can sponsor more than 400 graduate then federal government should do more

  2. Julius, if second class were included, i’m sure u will ask for second class lower and so on.

    Anyway, unilag alone produces close to 100 first class graduates every year, no matter the criteria used for selection, tribalism, favouritism and connection with higher powers will triumph over merit and generally acceptable criteria.

  3. nice decisition, but 100 is too small and i may opine is better to offer them a job and mr. sir why do you choosed to sponsor them in university abroad, what happened to our domestic universities, when you established nine new universities? this is a slap to NUC and to Nigeria as a nation. mr president sir you were once a university lecturer today a president, Shekarau, you were a Teacher then a governor now a minister yet you people cannot think of how to improvw our educational system, is a pity you people even have the guts to be criticizing our generation that we don’t read. i like the plan with all due respect, but it is defective.

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