Shekarau, Minister of Education urges students to appreciate Jonathan

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Shekarau, Minister of Education made this statement during an interactive session with reporters in Kano. According to the minister, all Nigerians have got the access to quality education. He also noted that the investment in tertiary education by the administration of Goodluck Jonathan surpassed what was invested in the sector in the past two decades.


He stressed in his speech that over 60,000 university lecturers were sponsored to study abroad, adding that 8 more federal universities were established. Moreover, 127 Tsangaya primary schools, 49 boarding secondary schools, 6 Polytechnics and 4 Federal Colleges of Education were built across the country.

Shekarau also expressed his discontent with inability of universities to access the Tertiary Education Fund, set up in 2011. He also reminded that the federal government approved N1.3 trillion for the revival of Nigerian universities.
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  1. What do you expect?playing his paymasters drum.Shekarau,Fani kayode,are nothing but cheap political harlots ready to go to bed with the highest bidder not minding who that bidder is.anyway they have no political relevance again because they have little or nothing to offer Nigerians.

  2. Giving higher education to the wrong person in an exploitative system does not result in the uplifting of the poor, but in their greater exploitation by a more skilled operator ( President Julius Nyerere )

  3. I really do not know what to make of him. I remember he said, shortly after his ministerial appointment, something like BH would be granted amnesty if they surrendered. I was shocked when PDP’s mouthpiece quickly refuted the claim that amnesty was being considered.
    I was confused as to whether this guy was speaking from his a**se, being overzealous or, as a fresh deflector to PDP didn’t quite understand PDP’s policy towards BH.

  4. Don’t mind he took over few months ago. As a minister he should talk of what he has done. Ask ASU ask ASUP ask SANNIP ask SANU ask COASU ask from the students of the higher institutions they will tell you hiw Jonathan has fair and not from a political jobber like this minister.

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