Meet Co-Joined Twins, Ronnie & Donnie Galyon that celebrate 63rd birthday


I just came across this from WorldNews about cojoined twins, Ronnie & Donnie – Sit back to read about them and view photos:

Ronnie and Donnie Galyon are the world’s oldest conjoined twins.They celebrated their 63rd birthday recently and they decided to keep it young — with a trip to Florida’s amusement parks.

The Galyon twins, of Ohio, unofficially reached the milestone the day after they turned 63. They beat out the previous record held for more than seven decades by Giacomo and Giovanni Battista Tocci, who were born in Italy in 1877 and lived to be 63.

The twins were born healthy in October 1951 but stayed in the hospital for two years as doctors tried to figure out how to separate them. When experts said they could not guarantee both babies would survive an operation to part them, the parents said they would stay as they were.

See more photos:

cojoined twins

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cojoined twins1

cojoined twins2

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