Nigerians will appreciate my good government after leaving office – Jonathan

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President Jonathan after receiving a delegation from Bayelsa State who paid him a visit as part of the Christmas celebration said that Nigerians will appreciate the good works he has done for the country after he has left office.

Mr. President also stressed further that he will continue to do his best in order to meet the expectations of not only Nigerians but especially the people of Bayelsa State.

Here’s what he had to share during the visitation:

“The new year is full of challenges. Everywhere will be hot from the 2nd of January. I am here by the grace of God and the will of Nigerians. If I don’t do well the shame will be on you. I will do my best. I don’t expect praises now. It’s when you leave that people will begin to compare you with others. I will do my best to address all the challenges we are having. I will do my best so that when I leave, the people will compare what I have done and what others before me have done. The seat belongs to the country and it is only the country that can decide who occupies it” he said.

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