Only those who want to remain poor would vote for President GEJ

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Prof. Yemi Osibanjo, the running mate to the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate on Tuesday, said the poor state of the nation’s economy has plunged many Nigerians into poverty. He further stressed that to liberate Nigerians from poverty, there must be a change of government starting from the federal level.

He said only those who love poverty and would want to remain perpetually in hunger that would vote for President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015. Osinbajo said, “No one is ignorant of all that is happening in this country. No one likes hunger and poverty, but people are hungry. In 2015, only those who love to continue to be hungry that would prefer that the government in power at the centre remains there.

“By God’s grace, we will remove them from the seat of power. The people there presently cannot do anything because they don’t know what to do. They lack the capacity and capability to govern the country.”

Also, Lagos state Governor, Fashola noted that if Nigerians observed the situation of the country critically, they would find that the country was not better off than it was in 2011. Fashola no behalf of Ambode, Lagos State Guber Candidate enjoins Nigerians to vote for APC at both the governorship and presidential elections, said, “The time to make a very important decision is here. Your request for continuity in Lagos is what I support. But for that project to continue, it would require you to vote for our party in 2015 election… continue below

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“Also, Muhammed Buhari and Osinbajo are our candidates for the presidential election, if you vote them into power in 2015, you will have successfully rescued this country from destruction.” He added

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  1. Osinbajo is a nonentity, I personally thought that as a learned gentle man that he will change the orientation of his master to bring in issue based politicking in APC but his utterances shows that he is worst off than his master the toothless bulldog called buhari, Osinbajo because of his fraudulent way of life, after stealing from Lagos State treasury with Tiefnubu went and hid in RCCG as a pastor, the management of the church have suspended him severally because of several cases of stealing from the church’s fund, now he has chosen to dine with the devil and has continued to make unguarded utterances which is unbecoming of a man who have read even a verse of the holy bible, smearing the image and good name of the President will not make you the vice president of this country, you should go and hide your face in shame as you are a disgrace to you children, community and RCCG in general no wonder they have disowned you completely. Fool.

    • Did you say Spoiling the good name of the President.? As you dey so do you pray that any of your relatives be named Good luck ? Or do you pray as Jonathan managed the finances of this country that God should manage your finances likewise in 2015? You see how blind and clueless you are too . Jonathan Is saying you people are fools. In spite of what have done u embeciles will vote for me again . And your answer is Yes Sir !

  2. You people keep making noise that Jonathan is the problem of nigeria,fine. But my question is, is Jonathan also the reason why the northern states are poor? look, its ok that you people want Buhari as your president but it is not enough reason for you to be talking as if we are all dummies. pls, we all know why you people want buhari and just because of that devilish reason, Buhari can not be our president and will never be.

    • @joseph onyekwu are u GOD? Its better keep mute than to contribute rubbish.nd for ur imformation the northerners are very important nd hidden rich thats why jona is killing them if they were not important why wount he bomb his state or the other states nd leave northern nigeria alone

  3. It is unfortunate, Osinbajo, despite his educational and work exposure he still talk like a kindergarten. God please show us mercy in Nigeria, give us leaders and not the types of hoodlums parading themselves as saviour.

  4. Before you talk any trash remember that your boss Buhari said he is a poor man to the extent that he has to borrow #27million to buy his APC form was it Gej‘s administration that made him poor? Was it Gej‘s administration that made you poor to the extent that you are now riding on keke-napep? Well nigerians want to be poor like you and buhari so we‘ll vote for Gej

  5. Oga how is it going to be possible. Abeg jarreh this is just a dessive, its only God that enriches his people not man so jst let Gods will be done why you can just go back to where you came out from, we dont know you

  6. Well to Prof Osinbajo nobody will say his own mother soup is not sweet, why APC just like making noise. If they have what it takes to rule Nigeria they should just show us how they can do it better dan PDP. Is it Jonathan dat will develop States for d Governors take Oyo state as an example to pay common retiree is a problem. If APC continue to castigate PDP like dis I bet U they will not win.

  7. To be poor in these context means to lack basic things of life. An unacceptable standard of living as currently have in NigerIa now. Lets put an end to the internal oppressions of cabal called PDP

  8. If his theory/law for povery will workout, then he is not suppose to be a second class flag bearer for his party. So i dont belive anything better from them than GEJ. THE DEVIL WE KNOW IS BETTER THAN THE ANGEL WE DONT KNOW.
    When d no. 1 flag bearer of dia party was in kaki, he couldnt deliver, is it now dat he is in agbada he wil deliver? Wont he go on leave again? Wont he laugh on and goodies disappear?

  9. 70% of “Beggers”in every state of this country are from the north,is GEJ the cause?nearly all the former presidents of this cocountry come from the north including GMB,yet they remain poor and always beg,who is the cause GEJ?.So mr Oshibunjo abi na Oshi wetin,wetin na u sabi o.

  10. VP to be – professor, president to be – kg1, having no certificate at all to show for, pls prof, I wonder how you as a professor will descend so low and which language you will use to teach and explain realities of today’s technological advanced world to ur boss, how many years will he undergo tutorials to attain stardom, pls save ur energy for the job ahead of you, you reside in banana island, the most expensive island in Lagos, you preside over RCCG in the same island of the richest but you come out to deceive the poor masses instead of using this opportunity given to you to share ur looted wealth with them, a man of God that has no conscience, I reserve my comment till I hear from you again!

  11. wonders they say,shall never end,i have seen the other side of pastor,prof,dr oshibanjo,perhaps he is learning nigerian political language,please sir remember whom you are and where you are coming from before you grows two tongues like our politicians,we are used to them,please say what you can do not what we want to hear,a word they say,is enough

  12. buhari and Osinajo will not rule this country, they will just be trying to rule but they we not get to that position. did he think when he get there he will be sharing money. sweeth mouth

  13. Nigeria is a heterogenous country,big enough for an old retired with a visionless military junta to ask for a one man vote.please buhari should know that contesting for the post of presendency is not for tribal endorsement or by being a religious fundamentalist. . .Go home like obasanjo in his ota farm!

  14. I don’t no why u guys are abusing this man of God , is it a crime for a man of God to rule this country , pls, let give them a chance ,because we want a change , let vote for a change, I know they will rule us better than this present administration , you guys don’t thinks before u talk don’t u know that Jonathan is a corrupt leader . pls we need change.

  15. This man is going to end up frustrated. As a pastor u don’t lie. Now he has joined hand with politicians, killers and thieves, and have start lying like them. U know that every body can not be poor. As bad as it may look Nigeria is not poor. It is bcos of his fathers whip ruled b 4 2011 that we are suffering. We know. Fake pastor.

  16. I never knew this man is as ugly as this. Pls do not put that title in his name again( pastor) because he is not one to be called with that title. How many people ur family has made rich? And how many people you’ve put smile on their faces during festive period like christmas? Thats why i say APC would produced the most devilis people in Nigeria hiding under religion and claiming to be one. God forbid u old cargos become our President.

  17. Personally I think that’s a cheap shot from the prof, he shod focus on how his government can induce change should they win rather than taking personal attacks on his opponents.

  18. 2015:This one wey Osinbajo dey campaign from Oshodi to Apapa and from Lekki to Badagry so, dey jump from one molue to danfo, from BRT to keke marwa. Where Dog and Baboon come dey nah? Abi he still dey find him certificates up and down or maybe him cows no gree release am. Maybe he dey fear make those market women no go show him their own primary school certificate, come ask for him own, say dem wan see am.

  19. PROF. Be reminded that GEJ is not the giver of wealth but Almighty God. I see the comment as a mere political gimmick. Poverty in the country did not start from GEJ. We had so many successive Governments with their score sheets before GEJ came on board. The situation we’ve found ourselves today we all contributed in one way or the other,( The leadrship & the followrship) including the prof. Instead of creating un-necessary rancour, we should work toward nurturing our Nascent democracy. SHALOM.

  20. The problem I have with most of you is that you are headlines readers,urge all to read the complete speech of what he meant by remaining poor.anyway my family and I resist poverty and so we shall thumb print APC all the way.

  21. joseph onyeku if buhari can not be our president why can you tell your father to contest you dont believe in a change you better keep your mouth short or off the line enemy of progress

  22. prince imegwu you get it wrong you work ,manage and plan for it and also make a truthfull sacrifise for you to be a fullfilled person in life we need a change in nigeria govt vote PDP out and vote for buhari lets try him for 3yrs and see his cappability of good governance

  23. Can osibanjo say how many members he empowered in his church? Hs assertion testifies dat he led his church 2 b rich but failed. Now he joins politics 2 search 4 riches. Wot a pastor ?

  24. The truth remains that no human ruler will be able to eradicate poverty. Even among Osibanjo’s family, there are many of his people that are wallowing in abject penury.

  25. Osimbajo or wat is he call
    In the Church were you worship
    You collect of ree from the poor .how much have given back to the poor
    How many Nigerian have you help
    Let me remained you that you have sent so many innocent to prison .go and trace your history

  26. Buhari 4 fresident 2015 by Allah Grace,oh Allah 4 the sake of ur Great”our (LORD) let General MUHAMMAD BUHARI”2 win elected fresident in 2015,,,,,,nd i shal advice those chiristian who totaly did nt wt they re doin,dt is why they re insultin,great pastor asibnjo,bcoz he ws teld true,,,,i wsh long lyf pastor,my Allah protect u agais thos xtian peapls dt insulting u,4 the sake u told us true,keep teling true God wl protect u,nd then successs,shal be wth u and ur friend Gen,buhari,u shal be elected frsdnt ds cmng election,,, by God wiling.

  27. Hmmmm one can see how senseless nigerians are attacking truth,can any one of you answer this question, why is it that Nigerians love sufferness,is Nigeria different from other good countries, haba? I pity these senseless generation

  28. Mayor Tee, it is a shame that your person is not in agreement with what you profess. How much of a change do you carry on the inside of you that you have started referring to the father of a commentator. You see, you can’t controll your emotions and so, you and your party can’t be good political players

  29. Are they gonna dole out free money to Nigerians or will every family be entitled to getting multi million Naira government contracts? APC I mean. Unless they can guarantee that they will eradicate poverty by 2019, Osibajo’s statements as usual don’t hold any water.

  30. They just need power and thats all. Dont we hv APC states in this country? how much change hv they really brought to d life of pple at state level. “The devil u knw is better than d angel u dont knw” Nigerians let God choose and direct us to vote right. Happy new yr to u all.

  31. I doubt prof . Osibanjo has anything good to offer Nigerians! Since he became the APC presidential running mate, he hasn’t told us his manifesto for Nigerians, except attacking the incumbent president. Is this politics at all? I think Osibanjo has suddenly lost his sense of judgment as a pastor by condemning a man he can’t create.

  32. Osinbajo ur entitled to ur opinion, but what ur saying is simply because ur a running mate to Buhari. Agree there is poverty, but Mr president come and meet this problem and is trying to address it despite challenges facing the Govt. Tell Nigerians what ur party could do to solve the problem ‘IF’ given the mandate and stop campaign of calumny and abuse, because power is Given by God and many Nigerians understand the problem of the country and could vote in that direction while supporting the Govt to fixed the problem of this country. Stop disgracing ur self and qualification Prof.

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