80-year old man buys diamond ring for wife using his Life-Savings

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I don’t think it gets more romantic than this. An 80-year-old man in China has spend his life-savings to buy his wife of many years a diamond ring for because she has had ‘a hard life’.

Staff at a jewellery store in Xinjiang, in the north-western province, were approached by the elderly couple and asked if they could see some ‘reasonably priced’ rings.

‘We’ve been leading a hard life,’ the 80-year-old told the jewellery store employees. ‘I just hope to cheer her up.’ He replied. See more photos below:

80 year romance


Some reports suggest they have been together for at least 50 years and the man may have spent much of his life working as a cleaner.

80 year romance1

80 year romance2

80 year romance3

80 year romance4

80 year romance5

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