Mountain of Fire, Dr. Olukoya’s 42 prayer points for 2015

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Prayers to tackle this year by (G.O DR D.K OLUKOYA)

  1. By the power of the God of Elijah, terror must bury terror this year, in the name of Jesus
  2. I shall not be used as a sacrifice by the power in the blood of Jesus
  3. Vampire powers, hear the word of the Lord, drink your own blood and eat your own flesh as it is written in Psalm 27 and Isaish 49
  4. Harvest must harvest in my life
  5. My father, by your ordained prophet, lead me into this year and preserve me in this year, in the name of Jesus (Hosea 12:13)
  6. My father, deliver me from every agenda of destiny impotence
  7. Oh Lord, behold the threatening of my hardened enemies and arise for my sake (Acts 4)
  8. Evil shall bow before the good
  9. Favour must meet favour in my life
  10. I claim net-breaking breakthroughs, by the power in the blood of Jesus
  11. MY ENEMIES SHALL DIE IN MY PLACE, IN THE NAME OF JESUS (x7, i.e. say it seven hot times)
  12. OH GOD ARISE, AND LET MY ENEMIES BE SCATTERED (x7, i.e. say it seven hot times)
  13. Let the padlock from Heaven silence my silencers, in the name of Jesus
  14. Weapons brought by the enemy to the battle front must backfire
  15. Anger of mother earth, be silenced by the blood of Jesus
  16. Help me Lord not to major in vanity
  17. The sun will not smite me by day nor the moon by night (x3, i.e. say it three hot times)
  18. My rest, my release, my restoration manifest by fire
  19. The rebelious must dwell in dry land, in the name of Jesus
  20. The Lord will perfect that which concerns me
  21. Let the manifestation of grace in three-fold appear in my life
  22. My father, move me to a new level of grace
  23. Anointing for profitable creativity, fall upon me now
  24. Let a fresh anointing of the Holy Ghost fall upon me now
  25. LET THE WICKEDNESS OF THE WICKED EXPIRE (x10, i.e. shout it ten times)
  26. Oh God arise and over answer my prayers
  28. My body hear the word of the Lord, reject infirmity
  29. Faminie and barriness of the soul, I am not your candidate
  30. Praise revival: Spend quality time praising God this year
  31. Laziness and procratination must die
  32. Pronounce judgement on abusers of children in any form and under any religion or system
  33. Let the resurrenction power of the Lord Jesus Christ overshadow and surround me this year
  34. Just as Ezekiah’s reprive fromn death was 15 years and the Jews were delivered from death under Esther on the 15th day, the angel of death will not visit me this year
  35. The enemy will not contest my voice this year. He has lost the power to contest
  36. The sun of my life shall not listen to the voice of witchcraft
  37. God shall make the right people to help me at the right time in the right place
  38. Lord, pass through the land in violent anger and slay the wicked who have made covenants with bad spirits to destroy
  39. The period of mercy for the wicked in this nation is over, in the name of Jesus
  40. Oh God arise and judge every proud and arrogant leader this year
  41. Lord, when I pass through the waters and flood, physically and spiritually, they shall not overflow me
  42. There are 15 ‘Ds’ to stand and pray against this year:
    • Deceit
    • Delay
    • Defilement
    • Despair
    • Disobedience
    • Disbelieve
    • Distraction
    • Dishonesty
    • Disappointment
    • Discouragement
    • Discord
    • Doubt
    • Double-mindedness
    • Deadness
    • Dullness

For us at MFM, this is a year of two things
PSALM 102:13
PSALM 126:1
JOEL 2:25
Turn me to fire. 7 times
Any disaster fashion against me backfire. 7 times
Arise o God arise and fight my battle. 7 times


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