State-of-the-Art Train ride from PortHarcourt to Enugu

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An ADELOVE fans just shared this pics via email. Check out this new train moving from PH to Enugu. Kinda New Year Surprise to Nigerians.. what do you think? Is this project of Governor Amaechi or President Goodluck?

train ride

train ride1

train ride2

train ride3

train ride4

train ride5

train ride6


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  1. When I show this to impress my Mum
    She said to me my son
    This was the same type that we used to traveled from OTUKPO in Benue State to Kano for my cousins wedding when I was two years in the late 70’s.
    To lower my spirit more she said that was even New one against this Old Tokumbo.
    What a Development in Reversed form.

  2. Enemies of progress.Notin u wil do 2 satisfy dem.Dis rail transport has been down 4 decades.Even Buhari could nt revived dem wen he was in power. GOD help us in dis country wit d kind of people we ve.U do dem go talk.U no do dem go talk.HABA

  3. Mediocrity, that is what governance has become in Nigeria. He refurbishes old locomotive engines to keep you happy, & buys new technology executive jets for himself every other year. What stops him from selling off the jets in d presidential fleet, retaining two & donating the proceeds to railway corporation to buy more modern coaches?

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