Why do people cheat in a relationship?

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We’ve heard the number of reasons as to why people cheat, with everything from “Because I can” to “It’s not you, it’s me.” As much of a cop out as that last one sounds, Research says there may be something to this.

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Unfaithful partners all over the world tell me this one phrase: “When we meet someone new, there’s an increased level of attention and focus that you receive and give.  “I don’t get that kind of attention at home.”  Could this be reasons why people cheat? However, along the same vein, the cheater very likely doesn’t typically give their partner at home that type of attention either . Some will mention their spouses or friends are not fashionista enough; some mention that their spouses or friends are not enough good in bed and lot of various excuses!

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Since your opinion counts and matters a lot… why do you think people cheat on their partners? Over to you folks… People can learn so much from your contributions/advice.


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    • @badmus ladies do cheat I don’t know why! But men sure,to me men cheat because when they stick to a particular girl she now feels he has no choice than to be with her all his life thinking she is the most beautiful girl that he has ever come across she start doing stuff that are not necessary,
      First you must find you partner attractive good looking it sometimes keep you away from cheating,but men when you trying to cheat you should go for a girl who your girl think she is better than her that would make her know your value more
      Sometimes we cheat!
      When she fails to tell you how much she loves you and you know as much as well that you love her ,you would want to stick to that person that says I love you!

  1. what i think is dis, after relationship maybe man like to sex anytime and wife dont like it, an if it’s woman like her man dont i tink dis can curit, an most of women like money most of men na ( olojukokoro )

  2. ladies cheat Because Dr pathner is not giving dem d much attention and care. Ladies naturaly love attention and care, make dem feel important and cared for, even without money, always be Dr 4 dem.

  3. reason y i feel pple cheat in their relationship is basically bcos their not yet satisfied wit their choice of partner n bcos they don’t place their priorities ryt thereby gallivanting in the name of having a nice tym

  4. frm ma own view i think ladies cheat bcoz they lack attention n care frm their partners u knw we ladies our @ is soo fragile dat if we are being cared 4 we. luv naturally communication can cause it sumtym issues nt solved cos she might hve sumfin in mind 2 sort out but if he is nt giving her d attention n sum1 else outthere is giving her wat do u expect

  5. Disclipine, Contentment&fear of God is d reasons y spous cheat on each oda. The fact s ds any spous who refus to fear God might find himself&herself in ds mess no matter a o carefu dey may b wen externalpressure pump in dey giv way

  6. A Cheat Has No Excuse other than indiscipline and Coveteousness. When u are disciplined and u have the fear of God In You, You will not make excuses for being a failure…

  7. Cheating is just nature because one can love his/her partner and still cheat on him/her just the same way we love God and still sin.

  8. I don’t believe that it’s in d nature for a man to cheat.
    People cheat for different reasons, let me start with d ladies.
    When a lady is into a serious relationship that could lead to marriage y will she den cheat! Cheating only come in play whn d there is distance barrier, lack of communication, no tellling each other how much one luv or misses another, they practically live as if they are friends and then some other guy starts doing wht she expected her own guy to do, tell me y wouldn’t she cheat. (Its not all about the money here).money comes in play whn that was her goal at 1st and if she stops getting wht she was getting from him at 1st she then looks for another who will give her as much as she wants.
    As for the guys, if he is inluv with her and she has and does everything he wants then no need to for him to cheat.he cheats when things he hoped n wanted from her isn’t forth coming and den he goes to next door lady that can give him what he wants.every man needs different things a lady just needs to know wht her man wants and do it but if you knw you can’t handle wht he wants leave him and move to the one you can so you won’t label him a cheat ànd that also goes to the men too. (My view)

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