Buhari should be Elder Statesman to Jonathan – Governor Peter Obi

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Mr Peter Obi, the immediate past governor of Anambra State, is a honorary adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan. Obi shares his perspective on the 2015 polls in this interview.

Do you agree that Buhari has the capacity to stop Boko Haram if elected?

Gen. Buhari, as a respected, retired general and as an elder statesman, does not need an invitation, an appointment or an elective office to intervene on any national issue, especially issues of national security like the one facing the country at the moment. Elder statesmen all over the world do not wait to be invited before they step forward on matters of grave concern to their fatherland.

President Jonathan is running round sleeplessly and working with security agencies, in addition to forging bilateral ties to solve these problems. He will certainly be very glad to receive any suggestions from Buhari and I can assure you that Nigerians will be glad if he helps solve the problem as an elder statesman. He has said that he will summon a meeting of serving and retired generals to help solve the problem if elected, but he does not need to be elected to do so.

But some people are saying that he can deal with Boko Haram, the way he dealt with the Maitatsine unrest decades ago.

I have read in some places where the APC said that because Buhari stopped Maitaitsine in the 80s, he will also stop Boko today. I disagree entirely with this claim, because the stable global environment of the 80s cannot be compared with the volatile and terror-enveloped global environment of today. The socio-religious realities that threw up the Maitaisine group are different from the realities that threw up Boko Haram.

In the 80s, most countries were stable, but today the global instability, cutting across nations like Iraq, Syria and the Middle East, has created a labyrinth of terror. This is in addition to our African neighbours, , like Libya, Egypt, Somalia, Sudan, Kenya, Tunisia and others, which are all facing various forms of instability and terrorist activities. The level of sophistication in technology and military hardware is also totally different today.  No one would have ever imagined in the 80s that terrorists would go into the US and bomb the World Trade Centre, or attack the Pentagon. But   we all saw it happen.

These are realities that need to shape our understanding of the world of today. What is happening has a global coloration, because the ISIS flag is the flag you see with Alshaba in Somalia and Boko Haram in Nigeria. You can now see why we cannot compare yesterday with what we are seeing today. Who would have thought that Nigerians would turn into suicide bombers?


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  1. Senior Special Advisor to the President on Boko Haram SSA/BH That is a more Befitting Job for Biuhari than President
    Obi I agree with you completely Buhari was only a military heard of state when Jonathan was

  2. Yes he’s right. if Buhari has the interest of this country at heart, He shouldn’t wait to be elected as president b4 he will help to solve the issue of boko haram. This means he has a hand in boko haram. Since he can only stop them when he becomes the president.

  3. Yes he’s right. if Buhari has the interest of this country at heart, He shouldn’t wait to be elected as president b4 he will help to solve the issue of boko haram. This means he has a hand in boko haram. Since he can only stop them when he becomes the president.

  4. Let look into what’s happening in our country today we need someone who will stand and hold bull by he horns and say the truth our country need change, let’s drop ethnic and religious issues, what’s is pleading and bargaining in court is fraudulent act at highest level we need change because the whole world is glamour for change not GEJ let stop PDP.

  5. what is the requirement for being a president? does it mean digging holes and climbing mountains? look if the law doesnt set any age limit to GMB’s disadvantage, so be it, let him go. as for me, PDP is just seeking all avenues to disqualify this man? what has the younger GEJ done in the last 6 years that is remarkable for him to have my vote. if you youth thing u can do beta come out and act, but if not lets give this man a chance. it is worth trying rather than playing foolish once again in the hands of PDP and its bunch of money hungry and selflish cabals!

  6. Mr Duru,pls dnt be stup because JT is nt read 2 take any adv frm any Nig,pls hw many time did eld like OBJ,IBB,nd Buh give JT adv nd what did JT do? Pls stop suport stup thing.

  7. @ Lateef if u desire positive change why cant u support Fashola or Rochas to be president? Must others always support u with ur crooked minds? Nig would rather split than have an old murderer for a president

    • i have taken a lot of time to judge you by your picture. And here are some of my findigs: jonahs admistration is doing you no good, you are also a little bit prostrated and desperately in need of change. so vote wisely pls.

  8. Let go for chage first Gj have failed woeful let start with the problem of benue state no water them import water for us. No road rain section u can stay dry season u can stay outside cos of dust. A country when the first lady will seat in aso rock to say tarzoor should be the governor of benue state change.

  9. The governor of Kano State, Rabiu Kwankwaso,has said that members of the PeoplesDemocratic Party, PDP, in the state are afraid topromote President Goodluck Jonathan as theparty’s presidential candidate, terrified that thepresident has failed Nigerians.Mr. Kwankwaso said while PDP leaders in thestate have shied away from identifying with theparty’s presidential candidate, the AllProgressives Congress, APC, has gained widersupport with its choice of Muhammadu Buharias its presidential candidate.Mr. Kwankwaso referred to Mr. Buhari, himselfas Kano Central Senatorial candidate, and thestate APC gubernatorial candidate, AbdullahiGanduje, as easily sellable political personalities.The governor was speaking at the governmenthouse where some APC members from DawakinTofa local government area thanked him for theselection of their son, Mr. Ganduje, who is thedeputy governor, as the party’s governorshipcandidate in the forthcoming election.Mr. Kwankwaso explained that Mr. Gandujewas chosen based on the deputy governor’smerit and loyalty to the party and theKwankwasiyya Movement.He said only those loyal to the APC and hisKwankwasiyya Movement are eligible forpolitical posts.The governor also said the party would notsuccumb to blackmail or people seeking favoursbehind doors.“Some unfaithful members of the APC in thestate, who are using the media to point thefinger at leaders or send influential people toseek patronage on their behalf despite theirgross incompetence would never get ussuccumbing to their demands or their blackmailbecause doing that will be doing a greatdisservice to the good people of Kano state,” hesaid.Mr. Kwankwaso asserted that no oneapproached him asking him to favour Mr.Ganduje. He said party members were expectedto be hardworking and loyal to qualify for anypolitical posts.He charged Mr. Ganduje to be committed to theprogress of the state when elected as governorin the forthcoming election, assuring that theelectorate would not vote for any party otherthan the APC.The governor told the visitors that the APCgubernatorial candidate was presently heading90 per cent of government committees.He said there was no project done without Mr.Ganduje’s input, which meant if he eventuallybecame the governor, the deputy governorwould continue with the Kwankwasiyya vision.

  10. Obi is right bt I think the politicians in Nigeria are selfish. Fact, JONATHAN has failed bt Gen. Buhari should not use his weakness as a campagn if he is a truly elder statesman. Its time for Nigeria parties to change their party slogan to “for the generations to come”.

  11. Well, everybody is entitled and has right to say his opinion. Nigerian problems are very clear even to a blind and so audible to a deaf. A trustworthy person is what we presently need as a leader. I’m sure every single soul in this country had this feeling. I personally see no reason why religion, ethnicity, tribalism or anything will stop us from making a right choice come February 14th, 2015.

  12. Akintokun Akinwale Aremu please stop generalizing, if you have a grudge with a particular person does not give you the right to generalize that anambarians are traitors, what do you mean by that? Face your arguments with facts and behave maturely like the old man you are..

  13. is Buhari going there to carry cement or blocks?how does he’s age affect is brain work?my brodas we don’t have leaders ooh,they only care for themself and their families,look at Obi is taking too after ruling a state for 8years he abandon d party and join pdp becos of appointment.God this men are shameless.

  14. The Problem Is That Giving The Youth The Mantle Of Leadership, They Would Be Disturbed By Adolesencitity, What I Meant Here Is Any Leader In Nigeria Of Today With The Age Of 55 Down Ward Is In Adolecensitity Stage & Is A BiasPolitically To Rule People In Nigeria. So Let The Elders To Come And Show Us What We Cannot See In Stand.

  15. Obi too is too old for any political appointment in this country where 22 years old young graduates with fresh idea are roaming the streets. Let a new wall rejoices not it will soon become a dilapidated structure like several others that have once stood as beautiful walls.

  16. You guys cant say the truth about things that’s is happpen,only in nigeria elder dont needed young one to moves on,or become a leader of tomorrow,then all thinking to reamain in seat till 100years,men you guys should stop doing things that way,many of went to school to become leaders of tomomrrow ok thanks.


  18. Buhari is an elder stateman and Nigerians are in dear need of his qualities not the type of Peter Obi, I was in Akwa last two weeks infacti was disappointed it is now under wilie Obiano that the state is witnessing tremendous change .Obi just wasted people resources and now making noise. Buhari is the answer my friend.

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  20. u northerners ar selfish, pOweR has been in the hands of the northerners foR a vry long time, just because it moved out Frm thEre u all want to kill urslf , is bEtter We ar Ruled by An educateD pesin dAn an illiterate lik buhari,hu Will go there and tEll his bokO haram FRnddS To stop that Jonathan is out . Wat abt his Comment wen he loSt To jonathAn , use uR brains. FellOW Nigerians.

  21. i think obi is right bcos he felt like buhari may loose this election,so instead of loosing everything entirely and his time be wasted, the best thing is to be the elder stateman to jonathan

  22. As you cast your vote in the February
    1. The chibok girls.
    2. Jan 1st 2012 pump price of petroleum product.
    3. NNPC Missing 20billion dollars.
    4. Sale of PHCN
    5. Crude oil theft.
    6. Bokoharam
    7. Insecurity
    8. Instability power supply.
    9. Inflation.
    10. Exchange rate
    11. Bomb blast
    12. Missing 500billion SURE-P funds
    13. NNPC second account.
    14. Presidential fleet.
    15. Ethnicity
    16. Derailed rails etc.
    Let your conscience direct your
    thumbs as you
    # putNigeria FIRST

    Comr Ola Muritala cares.

  23. @peter obi on point,Buhari will never and can never be the president of this country,not even a statesman to GEJ,cos at dis point if he ever get close he will pulldown gej by al mins,he can even put “Otapiapia” in gej’s food so plz plz and plz ooo!, no president no elder statesman for Buhari in this country,make hin go tek kia of all him ram and cattle,atleast he’s very good at Animal husbandry. QED simple

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