Jonathan should quietly resign honourably – Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka

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(Link for video showing Rev Mbaka preaching about CHANGE is provided at the end of this news details)

Rev Father Ejike Mbaka, very popular Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, insists GEJ must go.

It would be recalled few months ago (November 2014 to be précised) when First Lady, Patience Jonathan was in Enugu to attend Father Ejike Mbaka’s Thanksgiving and Bazaar event. Father Ejike Mbaka prayed for her, her husband GEJ and praised them “GEJ has done well” but looks like a total different tune has jingled out on January 1st 2015 during ministration and prophetic messages he has for his Church members for 2015 saying “GEJ must go”.. See Full Text Speech (extracted by ADELOVE from the video) here…

In the year 2014, we have a lot of bloodshed in this country. People were dying like rat without anybody asking about them. This country suffered a lot of bloodshed experience. Many of us witnessed that. People were in tears just like the ancient world.

Our leaders failed us, with wreckless abandonment and nobody asked them questions. The so-called “Democracy” was a hidden autocracy. It was deceptive and questionable. Nigerians suffer hunger unnecessarily.

We heard about Oil subsidy removed and added. Whatever be their jargons, nobody understood them. We heard about minimum wage… the civil servants suffered, the minimum wage was not paid and we all calm. In 2015, Nigerians will not be calmed again…

We need Change.. whatever it will be let it be.. As God stands! This is my golden message to my beloved country… What actually is happening? (Oginni ne me? – pardon ADELOVE if spelling is incorrect LOL)

Look at the multitude of our youths… Quality young men, quality young women… Brilliant youths but nobody has plans for any of you. Our so-called leaders should come and apologize. In 2015, it shall not continue like that. By the grace of God and by the power of Holy Spirit, we are announcing spiritually “CHANGE”.

2015 should not be a year of any hooligan maneuvering to hijack power. This is our New Year message. Listen when you go home… tell anybody you see that from the Oracle of the holy spirit we are announcing “CHANGE”. Can somebody help me to shout “CHANGE”?

Look at what it is like… as I am here to bless your families, bless your industries, bless your destinies… come 2015… Your plans are blessed, your visions are blessed, your families and destinies are blessed!

I cover this year with the Blood of Jesus… I seal this year with a blood of Jesus.

My message are in two branches.. Number 1 branch now… you will take it home and I am blessing all who will participate in this message.. what is the theme?

The theme of this first message to my fellow countrymen is “from Goodluck to Badluck”. Once upon a time, the whole countrymen were crying for a leader who will help us move forward our economy. Have an authentic democracy, give our unemployed youths jobs, and enable our Power (PHCN) to be steady, who will industrialize Nigeria, who will encourage a mass education and agriculturized Nigeria, having in view that Oil will soon drop, give us a security in a maximum level.

By the Grace of God, there emerged a “Goodluck”. All of us were happy! The Goodluck met Yar’Adua, Yar’Adua had a badluck and died… may the Holy Spirit help me as I deliver this message.

Before we knew it, the “Goodluck” met our Oil. Our oil had a badluck and it poured away. Before we knew it, the “Goodluck” met our Naira, our Naira had a badluck. Where are we going? What is the faith of this Country? Shall we continue to experience the badluck? We need CHANGE!

As I am speaking with you, most of our civil servants did not celebrate their Xmas seasons. The Xmas seasons that was supposed to be a goodluck season became a badluck time. Forgetting in all that very soon, from 3rd January, the students will go back to School. And the Parents will pay their school fee. Are they going to use their urine to pay?

As this stand right now, Jonathan should quietly resign honourablyview more video here


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  1. Can anyone make progress in the midst of trouble? Let us be focus and pray for our leader, so that God will quench the trouble and the distractors he is God’s chosen one Bible commands it in the book of Timothy.

  2. you guys are not gething it all, if jonathan resign then buhari sharia leader will now take over and introduce short slive to your guys, dont worry shebe una want sharia una go seam well well, una go beg and beg make buhari go when the time come…how nigerian becoming so selfish like this?, pls o lord i pray and i want you to lead jonathan to your wisdom to reform this nation in jesus name i prayed Amen…

  3. well, let d will of d Amity God b done. TB Joshua always c crises in oda places bt neva saw his church. d Holy Spirit show us who Christ ws goin to b, pls let him tell us who d Spirit reveals n we’ll vote d person. A tree can not form a forest, if u walk against some 1 2 fails, some1 else wl walk against u 2. crises in Nig neva strt in GEJ regime, iv neva seen a regime beta dan ds. d Devil u no! we’v all seen d past leaders. may God hlp us to pull tru as a country.

    • Really ? Tell me about his regime that makes him special .. You are blind coz of ethnicity.. How much do you have to spend to survive in this country ? Student went on the longest strike ever, have you had of bombing b4 in dis country and people dying everyday saying it politics ? I started last year with Substidy and I am not sure the only reason we are not experiencing one yet is bcos of election. If he wins we will start paying 200 for a liter of fuel, in this century no stable light and still bad education and killings all over the place we are one of the biggest country in Africa and still experiencing stupid things that should have been taken care for weeks after it happened but nothing , instead he’s sitting in his office and doing nothing .. You need to look well before saying anything . He’s not a presidential product that’s why he was behind Yar’ar dua in ththe first place and he was Vice President, he has ruin this country really bad .. Only change that can help us .. I will rather die than leave my future in the hand of someone like that who’s heartless. No vote for Gej .. I kept my vote to myself . Wise up!

  4. nov 9th…he said dat GEJ did well dat God will bless him now he is sayin anoda tin……..I respect dis man a lot don’t kw wats happenin……we will make d ryt choice by d grc of God

  5. resign resign resign…why not gather yourselves and head for Asorock and bundle the president out….making noise on social media is not gonna help…the Almighty God that made him president will surely put up a solution to d nations problem…God sees everything and knows everything,If Jonathan is as bad as the way people think,God would have flushed him out…there is something we Nigerians still dont understand…Lets keep praying,daz all.

  6. Well spoken my spiritual director.Let those who have ear hears or sacrify it at the alter of mired sentiment.The good lord is with us and we must get it right this time around.i am neither an APC member nor card carry member of the ruling party but in all indications i have every reason to believe that something is wrong with the present administration.Under this administration anti-craft agencies were reduced to nothing but toothless bull dog with their constitutional responsibilities subverted.No govt officials has charged to court for financial misproperities yet thousands,millions,billions,and trillions of naira declared missing year in year out with no one to holds responsible.My problem is that i dont know why political parties conditioned us in such a way we have no choice than to choose between ungodly men(evil men).

  7. Now that the cleric is speaking against GEJ nobody is either castigating him or his sponsors, but if it was for the president, hell will let loose. Unfortunately th rev fr has missed something, God does not speak with both sides of his mouth. Which of the declarations do we take, the Nov 2014 or Jan 2015? Maybe apc money is talking or he is being misrepresented. Whichever way, GEJ till 2018

  8. Prince Daimond or what ever nting is up God is nt against Jona is u pple that God is against cos u pple lark wisdom. The man is already there nting any one can do about it ur Boko Haram can’t even stop him God has kept him there. U better leave him alone okay.

  9. Every1 is saying change change change…..if you want change u will work for it,u wont sit nd let change come to you,imagin say na past leader nain wan bring change wetin happen wen him be dy lead,naija we no gt choice cus anywere dem push us we carry oursef go dere,we have three ethnic groups in naija why cant dy join hands togede nd bring a better candidate,hausa nd yoruba want dere person 2 rule,why the igbo’s want dere person 2 rule,wen d 3ethnic groups re nt co-operatin who wan mak naija better na.

  10. It is obvious that the present government has failed to fulfil the wish of Nigerians. It time that Nigerians should separate sentiment, ethnicity & religious intolerance from national politics but persist on good government. All Nigerians want is good government that will alleviate the suffering of Nigerians. Nigerians voted the so called Jonathan in to office with the hope that He will use national resources to provide employment, security & other basic needs to better the life of Nigerians but reverse is the case. This wicked government have succeeded in destroying life’s, improved poverty , provided massive unemployment & introduced division among Nigerians. It is time that Nigerians should all say No to bad government irrespective of their status, religion or ethnic group. Nigeria is one. All we want is good government..

  11. “touch not my annointed” even if he is delving into a canal. No individual in his right sence should think that voting GEJ out wld stop this blood shed in d name of insurgency.

  12. Since wen did reverend fathers get involved into politic? wasnt it dis man dat gave his support for GEJ? Should he be backing a politician or should he be more concerned about the peace of the nation?? Well, i believe dis story is not true #pissedoff

  13. Ceasefire..Ceasefire..Ceasefire.. Peace, Progress & Prosperity is what we need. Your vote is your power. Say NO to POLITICS with bitterness. All shades of opinion are respected, we just need to be civil and refrain from putting out inciting comments. GOD BLESS NIGERIA

  14. Who ever is in support of this our so called on going government, is a heartless person. U that reads a bible once in a week, how can get sympathy inside u? U cant compear urselve with man of God, that is alway reading d bible.

  15. Pls,who is the change that we are all requesting for or talking about? Don’t be deceive by anybody’s word that it is a particular person that will bring change to Nigeria. It is only God that can give us greater and everlasting change. When we are ready and prepared for change in Nigeria, God will give us the change not any human being..”MY PEOPLE PERISH BECAUSE THEY LACK KNOWLEDGE”… SHALOM…

  16. I sincerely have this to say to every reasonable Nigerian. Pres. Goodluck Jonathan is not the genesis of the woes in this country. He is a God-sent to this beloved Nation that has more enemies than friends. Righteousness exalts a Nation but sin is a shame to any people (Proverbs 14:34). If my people which are called by will humble themselves and pray, seek My Face(God Almighty through Jesus Christ) and turn away from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sins and heal their Land (Nigeria) 2 Chronicles 7:14. We all have to collectively call on the Almighty Creator to revive all the dead and dried bones in this great Nation. God bless Nigerians

  17. Let us all get dis straight no man of God’s judgment is in our hand,so anyone attacking man of on medias shld vry careful bcus ur generation is involved,n buhari might nt b d change but change must surely come,even if its spd,ncp r any candidate frm oda party dan PDP

  18. #iAmProudiAmBlack. #MyGirlFriendisBlack bcoz i only wanted a beautiful lady.
    Make these hashtags go viral and discourage nutty whites around the world who see blacks as apes. Tell them that: #BlacksRuleTheWorld.
    #ObamaIsBlack bcoz he is a great.

  19. Some people are relly very confused in this country, d same people who are sheding crocodile tears that d youth should be runing d affairs of d Nation, are d same people who are suporting buhari. Now my question, is Buhari a youth???

  20. My own contribution is des, if da lord did not watch over a city, in vain the guards watcheth. So, it us only da lord almighty can change des situation which 9ja is in to now. Goodluck o buhari, da prayer is, let da will of
    God b done in nigeria. Aferall, who is good at the back?.

  21. Ibe fr. Mbaka is not an ethnocentric easterner who supports evil just because that evil bears a jewish name…fr. Mbaka is an enlightened servant of God who believes in sincerity…i am a proud christian, and just like fr. Mbaka, i support General Mohammadu Buhari.

  22. Well, just wondering wen churches have started getting involve in politics . Dis one na campaign or spiritual food for God’s people? Hmmmm churches can equally bring a change, we worship a living God as just seen or profess why can’t we present d matter b4 him? After all patience attended d Thanksgiving service why was d message not giving to her? Why mentioning somebody’s name in d name of preaching or campaign? Wen God wanted to anoint d king of Israel he revealed d person to Samuel so has God revealed d best leader to him?

  23. Nigeria needs change but definitely not the APC that we see today. PDP has ruined this country but Jonathan is the only hope for now. The Rev is ignorant of the intrigues and dynamics of Nigerias politics.

  24. The bible said judgement will indeed start in the house of God. Father Mbaka has gone banana and should have been excommunicated from the holy catholic church. I have always suspected the source of his fake powers. Were is salvation and repentance in his samon but he is saying what he knows , hear say and what he does nt know and out right lies from surposed pupit of God

  25. some of u who r vomiting nonsense here is cus dis boko haram bomb never kill any of ur broda or sister dats y…we r expriencing hardship frm de onset it is not only in jonathan regime we agree but wat of de bloodsheed… innocent blood r crying out to God…we face hardship in nigerian yet ppl r dying cus of insecurity…God pls we need a change…

  26. I dont blame dose of u who splash rubbish out of dia mouth cos u hav nt lost any of ur family or friends in all dats happening..buh as a sincere believer u hav to b passionate and hav human feelings Goodluck will not rule nigeria again..cos who knows wat he will continue to do to we innocent northerners our life is at risk if he should continue.

  27. buhari is nt d instrument of change or 4 change any negative cry against Jonathan is frm devil nd his agent .The Boko Haram re frm d north nd we knw it nd pretend d fact that no northerner will agree wt a westerner 2 destroy d north.the game they started 2 distblize Jonathan government is out of their control nd instead of asking their people 4 forgiveness they re crying 4 change.evil nation. blood suckers. time shall tell

  28. This is how he composed a song that led to fmr Gov. Ohakhins defeat in IMO state on the account that he beat a Rev father and Recently, he shamelessly apologized to Ohakhin for not been well informed b4 joining forces with his adversaries. Rev Ejike mbaka should watch it. Speak only when God wants u to do so for the ways of men are not the ways of God. …………Today IMO state people are regretting it. As a clergyman not a politician pray for the best leader to emerge as president or governor come 2015, we are all human and we must not exhibit 110% confidence while trying to convince people on things we know that only God has the final say. Well, it would have been a good lesson to u, if the imolites had hold u responsible for the misfortune u caused them owing to ur confession.

  29. Nonsense preaching . Is this what the catholic ordined you to preach . Last time it was you and Ohakim against Rochas . now it is you and apc against gej. hmmm hmmm hmmm .

  30. y will nigerians vote for a man who say he is going to make dis country ungovernorable for us….. he spent all his money sponsorin boko-h and askin us to donate for him in his 2015 campaign, my question is WHO BE FOOL.

  31. Hilary you are spot on,you need to see d interview our president had with d CNN news to judge if my president is truely on top the situation,economically,security wise,He has really tryd but there is a limit to each individual capacity and capability.His is good man yes but leadership demands more than that.

  32. Rev. Fr. with all due respect to ur spiritual office, pls help me advice some segment of this country to go to school and change their orientation. Are u aware that some men in this country are married to 4 wives and each wife has a minimum of 8 children? Bros the population in nigeria alone is a monumental issue that calls for concern. Find out from Late Major okah his discovery abt Nigeria. GEJ has no hand in dis issue.

    • Mr. Usman, my argument is that, there are more fundermental issues than GEJ. I remember how terrible it was during OBJ, do u still remember d fight NLC gave OBJ? Take another step backwards, Abacha was considered a demon in human form and the agitations to get him out of power was most unprecedented. GEJ is a victim of cummulated socio-economic decadence accompanied with varying degree’s of negative interplay of variables. A good understanding of micro sociology will make u appreciate its effect on the Macro aspect of life. Hv u asked ur self why Kano is more populated than lagos? Get me on my inbox for more lectures…

  33. TOP 10 QUOTES FROM REV. FR. MBAKA’S TIRADE AGAINST GEJ (MUST READ) Rev. Father. Ejike Mbaka, the founder of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, is awfully displeased with President Goodluck Jonathan. Only two months ago, the cleric annointed First Lady, Patience Jonathan, and prophesied that her husband would win his re-election in February. However, he seems to have had a change of heart, going by his prediction during the end-of-year Adoration mass to usher in 2015. Delivering a sermon tagged, “From Good luck to Bad luck”, Father Mbaka urged Nigerians to vote out Jonathan, while adding that he got a revelation from God, which proved that the president would lose at the presidential election. We present to you, 10 noteworthy quotes from his diatribe against GEJ 1. “All the other birds I released flew away but the healthiest of them, which is Jonathan’s bird, could not fly. I tried to make it fly but it could not fly.” 2. “NEPA is not working because of corruption. The privatization of public companies has not yielded any fruit because of corruption.” 3. “Jonathan surrounded himself with very corrupt officers who advise him. Nigerians are sick and tired of wasting innocent lives without government doing enough to stop the destruction.” 4. “President Goodluck Jonanthan has disappointed Nigerians and means no good anymore for the country.” 5. “I love President Goodluck Jonathan and I used to be his ardent fan, but I want good for my people and that’s why I want Nigerians to vote out Goodluck Jonathan and vote General Muhammad Buhari. I don’t care if Buhari is a Muslim and from the North; all I care about it’s that Buhari can save Nigeria.” 6. “Nigerians are calling for change. We need a change,” he repeated. “We don’t want to move from bad luck to bad luck; Nigerians want to move from bad luck to good luck.” 7. “The men of God only go there to dine and wine with the leaders for their own welfare without telling them the truth. But I’m happy that I, Fr. Mbaka, I’m not that type of priest. If you want money, I dash you money because the God I serve has blessed me abundantly.” 8. “I don’t know Buhari. I have never sat with him before. I am not being partisan, but I want total change in Nigeria.” 9. “Buhari cannot make Nigeria an Islamic country because we are in democracy. It was IBB government that dragged Nigeria into OIC. When Buhari fought corruption, people became careful about their actions. Anyone who says Buhari will Islamise Nigeria is not being fair.” 10. “If a northerner will rule the country and insecurity will stop, so be it. If a Yoruba man will rule Nigeria in 2015 and we have peace and stop the shedding of innocent blood, so be it. Nigerians are tired of wasting innocent lives.”

  34. Come to thing of it.can a president resign in a country filled wit wealth and corruption.In which if one syphons d money via corruption no one ll check d person.We ll go to poll in Feb and defeat him.

  35. Hmmmm,Nigerians,you will never cease to amaze me. When Mama pis visited Mbaka and Mbaka sang Jonathan’s praises to the high heavens,why is it that none of you complained? None of you spoke neither did any of you remind him to mind the spiritual affairs of the church and stay away from politics. Now that he sing anti Jona song,all of you wake from your slumber and remembered that politics is not one of the calling of reverends. That is why this country will never recover. Shame on you all!

  36. I know this is what your writeup will arrived at! But let me tell you if anyone here believe that GEJ will come back after february 2015, then the person is still stuck in 2014 and need deliverance from stagnation.
    The change is now>>

  37. You can’t see anything good in someone you don’t like, no political party is good except the one you belong to, if the person you will vote for win the election and fail to give you contract while in office he’s a bad leader, you are like sheep following the shepherd who knows nothing than to obey the masters order, one who is good today will be worst person tomorrow and the worst person of yours today will be good after leaving office. fools….

  38. You can’t see anything good in someone you don’t like, no political party is good except the one you belong to, if the person you will vote for win the election and fail to give you contract while in office he’s a bad leader, you are like sheep following the shepherd who knows nothing than to obey the masters order, one who is good today will be worst person tomorrow and the worst person of yours today will be good after leaving office. fools….

  39. I,m nt afraid of fr mbaka talks and Roman catholic church the are Islam we have in south east of Nigeria he has noting to say fr mbaka pls wht God is saying concern nation Nigeria ???

  40. l no some of u dt suportin Gej re his beneficiaries who doesnt wnt odas to tak part. Cn any of u itermiz or list wat he has done out of ten tinz he promised in yr 2011 wen he was swearing in?

  41. U guyz shud leave d man alone abeg, has any past president done better? U want a Muslim man without certificate to rule d nation and turn it into a Muslim nation ba? All of u insulting GEJ, dey shud give you just a year, let’s see if you would do better!

  42. As much as we need a change, i hereby say dat buhari can neva bring dat change. If u’re d change we need den y being desperate? A do or die affair? U wnt gud 4ur country den y are heads dancing on d ground in north-east? What are d positive effects of ur regime as a head of state in dis country? Apart frm S.A.P wht again dat is making us see him as an angel at dis point? Dat’s d knd of tins 1 sees in d world of ignorant people perceived 2b enligthened. Going by buhari’s educational status, hw can he tacle d current challengies in a educatnl sector? D change we call 4 must first frm dos evil cacus in Aso Rock nd evil seeds Obj nd IBB planted odawise we are our tym. Can GOD nd satan share dsame kingdom? Dos evil men must make 4dat Angel we all want.

  43. Search your conscience and stop being epocratic. Don’t we need something better than Johnthan’s ‘fresh air’ filled with mamma Patience’s ‘sharing of blood’ in boronu? You all no we need positive change jo……..

  44. All of you ‘re just attacking each other aimlessly. Can any of u prove if this comment was from the priest? Anything cld be used to make vulnerable people like u(attackers on this page) quarel. One post had GEJ picture as a poor taylor, another had Buhari’s f9 certificate etc, cheap computer graphics designed by ur entertainers. U mustn’t use derogatory terms against d innocent all bcos u wanna recognize ur mischievous entertainers. Gosh! U guys got better things to do for ur nation than this, search for the true character of these personalities(candidates) Nigeria needs positive actions & help through prayers @ this critical time.

  45. I was there, & Thank God he spoke through his humble servant Rev. Fr Mbaka on time… It’s General Buhari all d way! Thank u my God for this wonderful revelation to ur ppl, he who ‘ve ear let him hear instead of attacking d message Or d messenger of God… “To B4 warned is to b4 armed”!

  46. Gift Ifeoma please shut up. Mbaka said it. The video is everywhere. I’v watched it. It quite unfortunate dat he has left the bible and the word of God he’s supposed to preach and is now criticizing Jonathan. He just disgraced christianity. Anyway i didnt expect anything better from catholics.

  47. When did Mbaka or any other person that goes by the name Man of God become God. If it is in God’s program for GEJ to continue till 2019, no human induced prophecy can change it. For those who recall things well, not too long ago, this same priest got uncontrollably involved in Enugu politics, even staked his anointing. In the long run what happened, since he is not God; he failed woefully. Since some folks are trying to emphasize he said the alleged things against GEJ, let’s all relax and watch. As for the 72 year old religious fanatic to mouth the seat of power in Nig again, unless in the dream world of bokoharamists. May God open the eyes of some people to see the good sides of GEJ’s administration.

  48. This men is it call of God? If is really a men of God he will know that pry for your lieders that’s what God said we should do, is a men of 2 face some time he says go another time he don’t go, were do we go from here.

  49. Rev. Father. Go and sleep,we don’t. Need. Buhari. To rule us,what did he forget in aso. Rock,must the. Seat be for only northners, your duty is to preach the. Word,not critizing. Gej, concerning. The issue. Of bokoharam, only God. Can change their heart,so start. Praying. For Nigeria , not. For gej. To resign, gej. Will. Be on that seat from now till. 20 forever.

  50. What is the alternative? That is my worry. A man without a known record of achievement after occupying several positions. A man with proven record of corruption. The opposition got it all wrong in choosing Buhari. A Kwankwaso or Tambuwal would have been manageable. This man is old and listless. He is not the change we deserve.

  51. If really my Daddy Mbaka said it count Gudluck fail, we shall see after election, 4 ur information dnt insult my priest wit dat ur smelin mouth again, if goat can lead Nigeria well surely we will vote 4 goat not Badluk dat called himself Gudluck

  52. Confused human beings father Mbaka never said goodluck is a bad person rather he said he is just too calm and soft to rule Nigeria and he neither said buhari is the right person to rule us….so instead of insulting each other u guys should go and pray for a good leader and those of u insulting God’s servant watch ur tongue cos wen God’s wrath will fall on u it won’t be funny

  53. As for Mbaka, if it is true he said this. Well, he would have continued on his uncharted waters of politics without sufficient knowledge or experience. In 2003 he had said that Chimaroke would loss. In 2011 said that Sullivan would loss otherwise he drop his cassock and leave the pulpit. Non of the prophecies came true and he still continues in the pulpit. I think he should not be taken seriously particularly on issues of politics. His followers should advise him to eschew politics. It is not as it seems.

  54. Insteady of a man of God (MOG) 2 face its primary assignment (winning soul) ure here condeming GEJ,its ur kind dat make oder MOG suffa in d hand of media,ure a gud example of End Time preachers (fake preachers).

  55. As a governor of his state,they were owning #9 billion,and as as President of Nigeria ,we are owing trillions of naira presently and people are still crying for him to continue. What a foolishness in the highest level

  56. during OBJ’s third term agenda, almost all yoruba pple stood against it, we neva allowed tribal sentiment to becloud our reasoning and judgement… but alot of South/south n south east pple are only supporting GEJ based on tribal sentiments, forgetting dt Nigeria is bigger than them and majority of us voted for GEJ…. Maybe u need to ask urselves these critical questions: what has GEJ achieved so far? has my life become better in last 6 yrs? can we compare GEJ wit late Musa Yaradua in terms of achievements? am i ready to face anoda round of hardship wit Dr GEJ? deep down in you you knw d right answer except u r one of the ThievesAmongNigerians..

  57. Ejike Mbaka is a spiritually confused Rev.Father.He is a monumental disgrace to priesthood.How would he descend so low to be blowing hot and cold at the same time.He once said GEJ is the best President we need and should be supported 2015.Now GEJ has turned to be d worst President.He referred to d bird which represented GEJ dat refused to fly on opening the cage when Mama Peace visited his church. I want Ejike to know dat d bird representing GEJ refused to fly Bcos he doesn’t want leave office till 2015.It decided to stay nd dat is how GEJ will stay.

  58. As if Father Mbaka is not a priest in Igbo land. Some of our Igbo brothers and sisters are still insisting on Jonathan when they are equally victims of his regime. Dont be deceived, 2015 Nigeria must make change whether by election or by revolution. Ethnic bigotry is already receiving across the country, and those who are still lagging behind would only remain behind. Fr. Mbaka has spoken, and the South-East would never remain a block only for Jonathan, Buhari’s support would swell as the message is going far and wide. I salute Fr. Mbaka’s courage for speaking to power with such temerity and truth.

  59. Anybody that is against the Rev, father preaching is dumb and deaf, blind inclusive, we all witness What is happening in the country, we can’t continue to be a slave in our homes. Rev, Father God will increase your wisdom, I don’t care about tribes or religion, how Nigeria will become American is my thinking. God help our country to grow.

  60. Don’t let us get it wrong am not saying Jonathan is a bad person cause I don’t know him personally and who am I to judge him. If I should quote soyinka “he is d only president whose children never schooled abroad. and very humble. But what we re saying here is that those re not d only qualities we need in a leader. We need a leader who wi

  61. The man of God have spoken whoever finds a lie in all he said should be the first to cast stones… The purported goodluck met alamesia… Alamesia was disgraced out of office… From there he met yar’adua, yar’adua died… From there he met Nigeria am sure we know the rest of the story.. We all know there is nothing good about this luck but if u feel the man of God lied in all he said and u want to accuse him wrongly then l pray the effects of this ill fated luck be felt in ur family… Amen!!!

  62. Never mind what people are saying in your behalf, just remember that God sent is alway God sent. Even seeing tears coming out from your eyes can tell you are not prophesying wrong prophecy. If they like let them belive you. Sometimes when you speaks the truth, the wicked one will go in your behalf to turn upside down. But I always know that their end is destruction. God bless you. But I pray that the will of God be done.

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