Smarter, British Tech Company develops Wi-Fi Coffee Machine

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Smarter Company, a British tech company has introduced what it claims to be the world’s first bean to cup Wi-Fi-enabled coffee machine.

This coffee machine is used to prepare coffee by using free iOS and Android apps. It can also be used to wake up users with a cup of freshly ground coffee. The machine will also let users know when it needs refilling and will even ask you if they want a cup of coffee when they arrive back at their house.

The device is crafted from brushed stainless steel and comes with a two-year guarantee. Smarter’s iKettle has already proved to be a hit and is stocked in Apple stores across Europe.

wifi coffee machine

The Wi-Fi Coffee Machine is due to hit the shops in March 2015 with a price tag of £129.99 (N36,551.26).


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