Mother killed One-Day old baby and have no regret (Ebonyi State)


According to Sun Newspaper, A 25-year-old woman in Ebonyi State, Ugochukwu Otu, has done the abominable by killing her one-day baby girl soon after she was discharged from a maternity home.

Speaking with newsmen, Otu said: “I killed my one-day old baby girl intentionally because I don’t have N500 for her medical treatment. I want to be free lady. I didn’t have any intention to get pregnant. I was impregnated by one man called Monday, a native of Ozizza Afikpo North LGA. But later he refused to accept the pregnancy and I didn’t plan for it. I am not ready to marry; I want to be a free lady. I had to strangle the baby girl and put the corpse in a black polythene bag and dumped it along Ndibe beach road, near the bush. I don’t regret killing my baby because nobody was responsible for her upkeep.”

Reports say she was found out the moment her neighbours began asking her about the baby after which she realised that providence had put the spot light on her secret.

She then confessed and showed people where she dumped the baby. Shocked youths in the community then trooped to a nearby a police station to report the matter and she was arrested.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police in-charge of State Criminal Investigation Department, Ebonyi State Police Command, Mrs. Augustina Ogbodo said the police recovered the corpse of the baby, and added that the suspect would be charged to court soon for the murder of the baby girl.


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    • Fear them for what? For the fact that some of them are evil those it mean you can’t fine good ones among them? You better watch your tongue who knws what you urself hv done its bc her own is brought to the public. Noso mara ka isi ekwu okwu.

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