Feyisara Ayodele sets to wed Abayomi Omonori

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Feyisara Ayodele, a presenter with the kwara State Broadcasting Corporation sets to wed Abayomi Omonori, a lecturer at the Federal University of Technology Akure… See the journey they’ve encountered thus  far in their relationship..

I had just gotten out of a relationship barely two months before and I had an accident five days before my birthday (why me? LOL). So I was feeling cool with my customized blue scotch cast (POP) on my left leg when my friend Funto called to wish me a happy birthday and to tell me a family friend of hers saw my picture on her dp and wants my pin.

feyi and abayo weds

I was about to say no “I don’t need a man in my life right now” but I just thought “why not, I don’t have a cake and it’s my birthday after all”. So he sent an invitation and I accepted. I later realized that the annoying but cute dude didn’t start a chat so I did and we got chatting. It felt like we have known each other forever.

A few days to valentine, he just picked a fight and I thought so this is the prank he want to pull so I let him be. Since he was in Akure and I in Ilorin. I kept vigil on bbm waiting for valentine to come so I can see the lady he will use LOL. Valentine came and went without incident and he just called me the next day, no apology, nothing and said he sent a valentine’s gift through a friend who stays in Ilorin (eyes rolling). I gave the friend a description of my house and when he arrived, he came empty handed and said he didn’t know I was using crutches. He went out to bring the gift. Lo and behold!, there he was, my dark chocolate. I nearly had an heart attachk. He took me out, not minding my cast and crutches and that was the moment I knew I had found the one.

feyi and abayo weds1

I didn’t get a traditional proposal and to my people we’ve only known each other for less than a year but for us, we know we want to spend forever fighting, making up, laughing, loving and making cute babies together.

feyi and abayo weds2

feyi and abayo weds3

feyi and abayo weds4

feyi and abayo weds5

feyi and abayo weds6

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